Investor Relations

Questback is listed on Euronext Growth Oslo.

Questback Group Overview

Questback is a leading platform for conducting Employee and Customer Experience surveys. The company was founded in Oslo in 2000 and today has more than 1600 customers globally. With an ambition to fuel curious organisations with customer and employee insights, Questback has helped thousands of organisations make smarter decisions through the power of its easy to use platform. Learn more about us.

Board and Management

Questback has a strong and experienced leadership. Read more about our board and management here.

Admission Document

Download Questback Group AS admission document to Euronext Growth.

Financial Calendar

Date Event Description
15/11/2022 Quarterly report and presentation Q3
24/01/2023 Q4 2022 Trading Update
28/02/2023 Quarterly report and presentation Q4

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Company News & Disclosures

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