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    Engage your biggest asset – your people

    Questback helps you to collect and act on real-time feedback in multiple ways, boosting engagement, retention and performance leading to competitive advantage.

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    Align everyone with your strategy and goals

    Questback helps you to ensure everyone is heading in the same direction, tracking staff alignment with your strategy and objectives.

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    Extend leadership throughout your organization

    Questback enables you to create a company full of leaders – extending 360° feedback across the organization.

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    Listen at every employee touchpoint

    Questback makes it easy to collect feedback across individual touchpoints and use the insight to transform the wider employee journey.

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  • Customer Insight





    Build loyalty across every touchpoint

    Proactively capture feedback throughout the customer journey with Questback and use these insights to continuously improve every customer touchpoint.

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    Put customers at the heart of your business

    With Questback you can listen more closely to your customers, closing the gaps between feedback, insight and action to deliver a better customer experience.

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    Listen and act anytime to drive retention

    Questback enables you to listen to your customers in real-time and deliver fast responses to their concerns, safeguarding retention and boosting loyalty.

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    Innovation starts with your customers

    Unlock the power of customer insight and translate it into new product innovation that meets changing needs with Questback.

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  • Market Research





    Engage with participants for deeper insight

    With Questback you can give your audiences the platform to speak their minds – from market research online communities (MROCs) to dynamic, pop-up communities.

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    Cut the time and cost to deliver insight

    Whatever the complexity of your project, drive efficiency and deliver insight faster with Questback’s easy to use, automated platform.

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    The complete solution for your online panel

    Use Questback to reach and engage the right people quickly and efficiently, reducing cost, building loyalty and delivering ongoing insight to your clients.

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    Capture insight at the moment of truth

    Our mobile-first surveys let you engage with consumers in the moment through easy to deploy and analyze smartphone apps and responsive design.

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How is Questback right for you?

Turn feedback into value
Turn feedback into value

From retention to performance, we help you use feedback insight to overcome your business challenges.

Open, scalable platform
Open, scalable platform

We grow with your needs, helping you turn feedback into insight across your organization.

Built on privacy
Built on privacy

Whatever your feedback project, confidentiality is at the heart of our platform.

Our people – passionate about feedback
Our people – passionate about feedback

We are focused on partnering with you to turn feedback into business advantage.

Simple to use
Simple to use

However complex your audience, we make it easy and efficient to engage with them.

Close the loop
Close the loop

Turn insight into business results with our real-time reporting and action management capabilities.

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Our Customers hear What They Have to Say

Danfoss Danfoss

Using Questback technology, we’re generating insight that can be used to take targeted action and achieve real, site-specific change.

-Danfoss Power Solutions

Decision Technology Decision Technology

We needed to work with a company that offered robust, flexible technology that would speed up the research process, combined with responsive support and a commitment to innovation over the long term. Questback met all of our requirements and our partnership has helped us to grow rapidly.

-Decision Technology

RSA Insurance RSA Insurance

Business benefits have included increased engagement, authentic feedback and insight, over 40% reduced costs, rich input into strategic projects and, most importantly, cultural change.

-RSA Insurance

Sky Sky

Questback delivers exactly the survey data we need to evaluate and continuously improve our customer service. And our rising subscription figures prove that we are going in the right direction.


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