How can you avoid a drop in productivity, profitability and staff retention just by starting to listen more often to your employees?

According to Gallup, employees working in organizations with high levels of engagement perform better, turn up more often and stay with the business for longer than employees in low-engagement companies. But how quickly are you able to uncover a drop in your engagement score? Once a year when you do your annual employee survey? That is not quick enough. Every day matters. Every day could be costing you money. What if you could detect the drop in engagement perhaps six months earlier just by listening to your employees more often? How much would that be worth to you?

Adding a continuous listening program to your annual employee survey can have a huge impact on your business. Listen to this webinar to learn about the most powerful arguments for starting a continuous listening program sooner than you thought possible.

Watch this webinar to find out:

  • How to check the heartbeat of your organization
  • How to catch trends early and get visibility into issues sooner than later
  • How continuous listening could reduce your absenteeism by 35%
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Making the Case for Continuous Listening