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Elias Axelsson Björklund
The foundation Läxhjälpen is a non-profit organization that helps students in grades 7-9 with their homework, in areas of the country where the grades often are lower than average. The expectation is that this will help more students be eligible for high school and give them confidence about their future.


With the help of local businesses, the public sector, foundations and philanthropists, Läxhjälpen employs university students to help and support the younger students. An important part of the organization is to be able to measure, evaluate and regularly publish the results of their work, to show the investors that Läxhjälpen are achieving substantial results. To do this, Läxhjälpen have chosen to use Questback.


The students take a survey when they first join Läxhjälpen and another after they’ve been mentored for at least a year. This helps show if there has been any changes to the general attitude and study results of the student. Being able to show these real results, with the help of Questback, is the reason why local businesses and municipalities are so positive when it comes to investing in the organization. We also use the tools to measure how the 74 schools we work with evaluate our relationship and have our 400 student helpers take an employee survey at the end of each year. – Matilda Svensson, Operative manager, Läxhjälpen. 


Questback is a very important tool to measure our results. By using this tool we get a clear understanding of what everyone involved thinks about our cooperation and it gives us an opportunity to develop and make changes to our organization. We also get confirmation that what we’re doing is generating positive effects. Each survey gives us access to insights about what our organization needs to focus on, do more of and what changes to make.

”Being able to show these real results, with the help of Questback, is the reason why local businesses and municipalities are so positive when it comes to investing in the organization. ” – Matilda Svensson


Have you received any unexpected replies that have affected your work and what came of it?

„In our student surveys, we focus a lot on how we can improve what we do. The most common answer is that the snacks we offer could be better or tastier. We usually get the snacks from the schools and haven’t really demanded anything in particular from them. Unfortunately, this has led to some of the students getting subpar snacks, but thanks to the survey results, we now know to put pressure on the schools to deliver better snacks, since we are aware of how the snacks directly affect the focus of our students, their grades and the number of students that get into high school.“ – Matilda Svensson



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