11:05 • 03 September, 2015

3 Simple Tactics That Will Increase The Value of Your Employees Performance Reviews

CAT: Surveys, Employee engagement, Evaluation & feedback  

Good employee performance reviews catalyze everything from leadership and decision-making to collaboration and innovation. Here's 3 tactics to make them great. 

11:14 • 28 August, 2015

Social Media: How to Learn More from Your Social Customers

CAT: Customer experience, Market research, Evaluation & feedback  

Social media is really important. But when it comes to collecting actionable insight or using social to create smarter customer experience, lots of businesses are missing out. Here's some tips to improve the way you listen to, engage and profit from your social customers. 

10:56 • 25 August, 2015

9 Tips That Will Take Your Market Research Online Community to the Next Level

CAT: Market research  

Creating your own market research online community can provide a powerful way of continuously generating actionable feedback about your brand and how customers feel about your products and services. 

10:43 • 21 August, 2015

​How to Get More Value and Insight from Your Net Promoter® Score Surveys

CAT: Surveys, Customer experience, Employee engagement  

The NPS is often regarded as the ultimate metric for business, but once you have it, how can you use it to get ahead? 

11:25 • 18 August, 2015

​The Biggest Problem with Your Data (And How MySight Solves It)


Based on feedback we’ve received from thousands of clients, the biggest problem facing enterprises is not data collection, but unlocking insight from data - and turning it, systematically into opportunity and advantage.

12:46 • 14 August, 2015

​7 Reasons to Use Open-Ended Survey Questions (And 5 Reasons to Avoid Them)

CAT: Surveys, Customer experience, Employee engagement, Evaluation & feedback  

Making the right choices between open-ended and closed survey questions, allows you to get only the data that best serves the goal of your customer, employee or market research survey.

12:06 • 10 August, 2015

Continuous Employee Feedback – Lessons from Accenture and Team Sky

CAT: Employee engagement, Evaluation & feedback  

Sport and business can often learn a lot from each other, as they both look to increase effectiveness and achieve success. At the same time trends can span the two fields – as can be seen by recent stories around Accenture and Team Sky. Let's take a look. 

10:47 • 07 August, 2015

Kim Kardashian's Market Research Mistake And 5 Things You Can Do Better


Queen of pop culture she may be, but Kim Kardashian's one-sided, Me-Myselfie-and-I-focused conversation means she will never be a market research star.

11:41 • 05 August, 2015

How to Scale the Benefits of 360° Employee Feedback

CAT: Employee engagement, Evaluation & feedback  

Are you struggling to boost employee engagement? 360° feedback provides a means to do that, while improving your entire value chain along the way.

philosophers on data questback
10:34 • 29 July, 2015

Philosophers on Data Management

CAT: Customer experience, Employee engagement, Market research, Evaluation & feedback  

8 Famous Philosophers’ Thoughts on Your Organisation’s Data Management Programs

10:25 • 22 July, 2015

How To Get Faster And More Actionable Insight From Your Employee Feedback

CAT: Surveys, Employee engagement, Evaluation & feedback  

A great employee feedback system helps you find and fix HR issues early, before they develop into long-term cumulative costs to engagement and the bottom line.

11:11 • 20 July, 2015

CX Hacks: How Customer Surveys Increase Customer Loyalty

CAT: Surveys, Customer experience, Market research  

Done right customer surveys don't just give you insight, they also drive loyalty and strengthen the connection between your customers and your brand.

10:23 • 15 July, 2015

The Simple Way To Collect Valuable Customer Feedback

CAT: Surveys, Customer experience, Evaluation & feedback  

You already know customer feedback is critical to improving your business, but how do you keep the process manageably simple?

11:09 • 13 July, 2015

5 Proactive Ways To Get More Sales and Revenue From Your Customer Data

CAT: Surveys, Customer experience, Evaluation & feedback  

You know customer data matters, and you're collecting it across key touchpoints — but do you know how to use it to boost your revenue?

12:04 • 09 July, 2015

​19 Stories of Customer Loyalty That Completely Changed the Game

CAT: Customer experience, Market research  

What’s so important about customer loyalty? Everything. When you have loyal customers, they do your marketing for you, referring their friends and family to you in droves. When you have loyal customers, they won’t switch to your competitor, even when your competitor is perceived as offering a better product or a lower cost.

12:29 • 24 June, 2015

Employee Engagement: 12 Warning Signs and 3 Winning Strategies

CAT: Employee engagement, Evaluation & feedback  

What makes or breaks any business is the engagement level of the people working there. Here's 12 signs to look out for, plus a behind-the-scenes look at how we engage employees at Questback. 

you-cant-buy-human-capital-and-how-to-win-it-instead sx
14:01 • 22 June, 2015

The Value of People: How To Increase Your Human Capital

CAT: Employee engagement, Evaluation & feedback  

Innovation, customer relationships, operational excellence. All these things matter to high performing organizations. But none so much as recognizing and retaining your human capital. 

Customer data analyzing
11:12 • 17 June, 2015

If Your Customer Data is Boring, You’re Analyzing It Wrong

CAT: Surveys, Customer experience, Market research  

Looking at raw customer experience data can be daunting – but analyzing it should never be boring.

11:18 • 09 June, 2015

​The 5 Market Research Blunders You Must Avoid

CAT: Surveys, Customer experience, Market research  

Conducting market research is a powerful way to gain an advantage over your competitors, gather forward-looking feedback and increase the profitability of your operations. When it’s done right.

10:52 • 03 June, 2015

How to Get the Most Value Out of Your Employee Training Feedback

CAT: Employee engagement, Evaluation & feedback  

If you want to develop employees who increase the power of your service-profit chain, make sure your employee training feedback incorporates the following steps.

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