10:49 • 22 May, 2015

​How to make customer feedback work for your business

CAT: Surveys, Customer experience, Market research  

Real-time customer feedback programs are the key to improving CX, unlocking loyalty, delivering stronger results and beating competitors. 

10:43 • 20 May, 2015

3 Ways to Use Competitive Intelligence to Win Customers

CAT: Surveys, Customer experience, Market research  

Knowledge is power, and as much as what you don’t know can hurt you, what you do know can take your business to new heights. On-going competitive intelligence gathering is the key to success.

mystery shoppers 900
12:47 • 13 May, 2015

Do You Get Reliable Customer Feedback from Mystery Shoppers?

CAT: Customer experience, Employee engagement, Market research  

Market research trends are always changing, but the trend for mystery shopping - paying people to pretend to be customers and using their feedback, has especially fluctuated in recent years.

12:12 • 06 May, 2015

How does integrated feedback management actually help your business?

CAT: Customer experience, Market research, Evaluation & feedback  

You’re overloaded with data. Your organization collects so much feedback, it’s struggling to find space to store it.

And yet the company doesn’t seem to be getting ahead of its competitors the way you’d expect, with all that data at your fingertips.

What's going wrong?

2.-Want-happier-Employees -Give-them-accurate-360-performance-feedback
13:03 • 29 April, 2015

​Want More Engaged Employees? Give them Accurate Feedback with 360° Reviews.

CAT: Surveys, Employee engagement, Evaluation & feedback  

Performance reviews, when done well, inspire employee performance and help your company achieve goals. But when done poorly, they help foster a culture of disengagement that wreaks havoc on corporate performance and profits.

8:06 • 27 April, 2015

Without Human Insight We're Just Lost in Data

CAT: Market research, Evaluation & feedback  

Big data can count a billion objects, detect myriad correlations and provide endless statistical probabilities. But it can't explain the emotions behind loyalty, the secrets to satisfaction, what really drives an employee or gauge the power of a creative idea. Big data can tell us everything in short, except why a company is succeeding or failing.

11:48 • 21 April, 2015

The Power of Real-Time Customer Feedback

CAT: Surveys, Customer experience, Market research  

The days of competing simply on price or the quality of your product are gone. This is the era of the customer experience. And their voices and opinions regarding their experience will be heard, if not by you, by everyone they know and your competitors. 

10:40 • 09 April, 2015

How Unified Feedback Management Saves You Money

CAT: Surveys, Customer experience, Employee engagement, Market research, Evaluation & feedback  

Instead of using disparate survey tools, choosing a unified approach to enterprise feedback gives you comprehensive, actionable insight which systematically implemented, leads to double or triple digit revenue gains.

11:44 • 07 April, 2015

​To Engage or Be Engaged: Using Your VoE Program to Retain Top Talent

CAT: Surveys, Employee engagement, Evaluation & feedback  

As the economy improves, the risk of your talent jumping ship increases greatly. So while we’re not in a full-on “war for talent” across all industries like we’ve seen in the past, the reality is that organizations need to actively work to engage and retain their talent.

10:45 • 02 April, 2015

5 Ways To Make Employee Performance Reviews Better For Everybody

CAT: Employee engagement, Evaluation & feedback  

In recent years, there’s been a continual and growing number of calls for death to the performance review. But the real issue isn't with employee feedback itself - far from it. The real issue is the manner in which too many companies still approach it. 

10:54 • 31 March, 2015

Trend-Spotting: Break Down Silos by Collating Customer Feedback

CAT: Surveys, Customer experience, Market research  

Collating customer feedback can improve the efficacy and consolidate the competitive advantage of even the most siloed companies. 

10:12 • 26 March, 2015

​5 Ways Customers Complain Indirectly

CAT: Surveys, Customer experience, Market research  

Are you really listening to your customers? If you’re only responding to direct complaints, you could be missing huge opportunities to improve your customers’ experiences.

10:15 • 24 March, 2015

​Closing Feedback Gaps To Open Up Your Competitive Edge

CAT: Surveys, Customer experience, Market research  

You conduct market research and seek feedback to get a competitive edge. This research helps you create marketing and sales campaigns that work. But your feedback might have gaps that are turning your market research from a tool into a liability.

11:54 • 20 March, 2015

​Will Your Best Employees Quit This Year?

CAT: Surveys, Employee engagement  

To be honest, the question isn't whether any of your organization’s best employees will leave you this year or not. The real question is how many, how soon, and how can you do something about it?

10:22 • 18 March, 2015

Survey Personalization Gone Bad: How To Avoid The Alienation Effect

CAT: Surveys, Customer experience, Employee engagement, Market research  

Personalization is a pathway to survey success, but be careful, because done wrong it can alienate respondents and reduce completion rates.

10:01 • 13 March, 2015

​7 Definite Ways Employee Feedback Can Help Win New Customers

CAT: Customer experience, Employee engagement  

When it comes to increasing sales and winning new customers, the focus is typically on sales and marketing to generate leads, nurture prospects and ultimately make the close. But within your organization lies a powerful, yet often overlooked ally in your mission to win new customers — your employee’s feedback.

9:39 • 10 March, 2015

5 Persistent Customer Satisfaction Myths and How to Bust Them

CAT: Customer experience, Market research  

Successful companies know that customer satisfaction is important, and they measure it often.

Questback MRX pieces-of-Market-Insight
13:31 • 27 February, 2015

Market Research: 3 Insights You Need To Know - Before Your Next Launch

CAT: Customer experience, Market research, Evaluation & feedback  

So what if with a bit of market research you could improve your chances that your next launch would be a big hit with your customer base?

questback HR loneliness-at-work
11:02 • 24 February, 2015

Stine Fjell On Loneliness At Work

CAT: Employee engagement  

Increasing the human connection is just as good for the soul of your company as it is for profitability.

13:50 • 18 February, 2015

Fear of feedback: Are Your Employee Evaluations Getting to the Truth?

CAT: Surveys, Employee engagement, Evaluation & feedback  

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