10:38 • 09 April, 2014

5 reasons to unify customer, employee and market feedback

CAT: Evaluation & feedback  

Information is what drives modern organisations. Knowing what your customers, employees and the wider market thinks about your company is therefore vital to increasing revenues, loyalty and profitability. 

12:46 • 08 April, 2014

Breakfast Seminar: Putting Insight at the Heart of Your Business – Gaining Control and Reducing Complexity

CAT: Market research , Evaluation & feedback  

30th April 2014, 8.30am-10.30am, Royal Exchange Grand Café, Bank, London

Customer insight has never been more important to businesses. Social media, ever more demanding consumers, and globalisation make it imperative that brands collect, analyse and act quickly on customer, competitor and market insight.

14:56 • 02 April, 2014

The art of loving negative feedback

CAT: Surveys, Customer satisfaction, Employee satisfaction , Market research , Evaluation & feedback  

Customer surveys and employee reviews can be intimidating for many managers, giving the feeling that they are being tested.

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14:40 • 20 February, 2014

4 top tips for better employee evaluation

CAT: Employee satisfaction  

Successful employee evaluation takes good planning as well as good tools. We see lots of organizations making mistakes that keep their employee feedback initiatives from being as effective as they could be.

14:55 • 13 February, 2014

Leadership is changing. Read our 360 report, and keep up!

CAT: Employee satisfaction  

Today’s manager must interact with an increasingly diverse range of people and the way leadership is measured is changing.

14:56 • 30 January, 2014

Better customer experience management

CAT: Market research  

Learn about how you can measure, control and optimize the customer experience, this free report.


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