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About Questback

Questback was founded on the simple premise that people matter and are able to provide the insights necessary to drive business success.

It is smart to listen

Welcome to Questback and our mission to make organizations smarter by acting on feedback from their key stakeholders! As a Nordic leader in experience management solutions we serve customers in the Nordics as well as rest of the world. At our offices works a bunch of different nationalities and backgrounds but all with the same drive and belief that smart organizations outrun their competition by providing more engaging workplaces, better products, and stronger services.

“We are professional, adaptable and flexible, but most of all driven by passion and clear goals”

Being smart can also come with a clear economic value in a rapidly moving environment and we live by taking a share of the value we create through subscription-based products. As a customer of Questback you can expect a solid partner in every aspect of the technical platform as well as the onboarding process. We are always eager to meet and help our customers in every possible way.

Curious organizations change the world

We believe that curious organizations give us a better world. To keep on asking, adapting and changing in line with what you learn is curiosity to us. It’s also about an approach where you walk through existence with an open mind to gather information from it and be better off from it.

Our solutions are purpose-built

We deliver solutions to gather data and make sense of insights that go beyond operational data. Questback solutions are purpose-built to facilitate meaningful dialogue across the full engagement lifecycle, seamlessly capturing ad-hoc, scheduled, process-based and on-demand feedback.

“We are local, close to you and always present”

Our solutions are offered at a fair price and with a cost-efficient and scalable delivery that make them accessible to organizations of all sizes.

Questback is on an expansion journey 🚀

Questback was founded in 2000 in Oslo and has grown into a Nordic presence with offices in Oslo, Stockholm and Espoo. With an ambition to fuel curious organizations with customer and employee insights, Questback has helped thousands of organizations make smarter decisions through the power of our easy to use platform.

In August 2021, Questback was listed as a public company on Euronext Growth in Oslo.

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Insights matter

At Questback, we believe every voice is essential and could hold insights with potential to positively impact society. Through our <i>Insights matter</i> initiative we work with select non-profit organisations to support their work by enabling them to collect insights with Questback.

Kirkens Bymisjon

The Church City Mission is an inclusive, nonprofit organisation that works in towns and cities across Norway among people who face challenges in life for various reasons. Their vision is that all people in the cities shall experience respect, justice, and care. Questback is a proud supporter of Kirkens Bymisjon and their work.



The foundation Läxhjälpen is a non-profit organization that helps students aged 12-15 who struggle to pass with approved grades. They help through homework support in areas where the grades are lower than average. The goal is to help more students to be eligible for high school and give them confidence about their future. Läxhjälpen has used Questback in their crucial work since 2012.


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