People Matter

Questback was founded on the simple premise that people matter and are able to provide the insights necessary to drive business success. We build scalable solutions designed to help global enterprises achieve competitive advantage by enhancing employee productivity and customer loyalty through a culture of trust.



Results Matter

Questback solutions are purpose-built to facilitate meaningful dialogue across the full engagement lifecycle, seamlessly capturing ad-hoc, scheduled, process-based
and on-demand feedback.

These solutions enable organizations to gather insights and affect meaningful change while building deeper connections with employees and customers through trust. It combines the power of dialogue and transparency with capabilities to analyze feedback and transform insight into tangible business results.

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Scale and Proven Success Matter

We serve thousands of companies in more than 50 countries across the globe, helping them improve employee engagement, customer experience and market insight. Founded in 2000, Questback has become a global leader in enterprise feedback by delivering purpose-built feedback solutions designed to help you capture insights from the people essential to your enterprise.


A significant increase in employee engagement and productivity. 


Decreased employee and customer turnover.


Greater innovation and faster growth.


We focus on people, insights and actions.

People Matter. They Drive Business Success.

At a time of continuous innovation, hyper-competition and rapid digitization, organizations benefit by redefining their most important relationships: their people. To promote success, organizations must establish a culture of trust through a cycle of active listening, transparent dialogue, insightful analysis and meaningful action. Trust holds the power to transform your organization, creating a high-performance culture leading to competitive advantage.

People matter, get their insight.


Our three core corporate values (Drive, Care and Innovate) reflect our approach that people matter and ensure that we are always innovating, always striving to move forward and always caring for our customers and employees.

Security Matters

Our data centers in Germany and US are governed by the highest standards with the following certifications:

Read our Security Statement for more details.

How we became a world leader in feedback management

The quest to get ahead is filled with vision, discovery, challenges, collaboration, hard work and sometimes a lot of fun.

A Financial Times article sparks the Questback idea: a feedback platform to bring better insight to business.


Questback is founded in Oslo.

JAN, 2000

Questback web-based surveys make paper questionnaires history


Taking success abroad: Questback office opens in Sweden


European leap: Questback moves into 11 new countries The launch of online panels deepens engagement capabilities for market research


Questback wins “Entrepreneur of the Year” in Norway


Questback acquires Refleks and Easy Research in Norway and Sweden respectively. Reiten & Co is now majority owner.


Communities introduced, blending quantitative and qualitative research


The launch of online panels deepens engagement capabilities for market research


Questback acquires Digium Oy, the Finnish market leader


Germany’s leading research software firm Globalpark acquired. . Questback now serving over 50 countries.


The numbers of Questback surveys sent now exceeds 1 billion


Mobile first: Responsive layouts increase survey complete rates Service layer for enterprise integration introduced.


Realtime Analytics & Dashboards launched. Questback unveils Leadership compass bringing next generation feedback tools to the HR industry


Questback continues asking what’s next while pushing boundaries in the feedback industry

2015 +

Completion of $22M of additional funding for growing Questback further

We’re pleased that our approach, innovation and customer success has been recognized by independent authorities and thought leaders across the world.