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Make informed decisions based on insights

Our solutions are easy to use and adapt to the needs of your organization. Questback’s extensive experience in the Market Research field guarantees a strong partner ready to support you in each step of the journey. Start gaining insights and begin acting upon them to become smarter as an organization.

Market Research Management with Questback

Dynamic links for low-threshold integrations
Turnkey MR templates created by area experts
Extensive support for multi-lingual support
Easy to share your results with colleagues on different levels
Flexible handling of background data
Isolate or share data between users, it's powerful but simple
Build and track KPIs to get a holistic perspective of your data
Intuitive import function when building a quest

Being able to show these real results, with the help of Questback, is the reason why local businesses and municipalities are so positive when it comes to investing in the organization. Each survey gives us access to insights about what our organization needs to focus on, do more of and what changes to make.

Matilda Svensson, Operative Manager at Läxhjälpen

We used to only be able to conduct this survey once a year, due to the significant resources needed. But thanks to digitalisation it has been possible to optimise several tasks conduct it repetitively according to the organisations needs.

Mikael Welinder, Head of Safety & Health, Scania

Handelsbanken now has a way of checking in with the customers every now and then which in turn creates opportunities for potential improvements in the performance of each individual employee.

Pirjetta, Communications Managers, Handelsbanken, Finland

We want to be able to use the data in our daily routines and as a tool for information management. Our employees felt that Questback understood and had the ability to realize their objectives in a way that other companies couldn't.

Hannu Rusama, Development Manager, SOS Barnbyar, Finland

Why work with Market Research?

Recent research highlights the need of Market Research for a better understanding of customer needs and as a tool for conducting research.


Advise to focus on customer needs

60% of researchers advise brands to work hard to understand what their customers need and pivot strategy accordingly.

Hubspot 2021

Positive to digital tools

67% of respondents agreed that bringing people together in person in the near term seems unnecessary with the great tools available.

Hubspot 2021

Fail in launching a product

Start by analyzing your target market for success.

Clayton Christensen

Our Solutions

Market Research

Product, brand tracker, website and board evaluation.

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We believe insights drive change

Insights have the potential to fundamentally change organizations. Acted upon they ensure the right decisions are taken and point out the path forward. Questback is a place for driven and curious people with the ambition to make you smarter as an organization.