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Guide for high employee engagement

Elias Axelsson Björklund
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Guide for high employee engagement

Do you want higher profits, happier clients, higher productivity, and an engaged workforce?

Multiple studies show that workplaces with high employee engagement tend to have higher productivity, happier customers, better profits, and employees that are healthier than those that work in low-engagement environments.

It’s easy to add more to the list of positives that come with high engagement, just as the negatives pile up when employees lack engagement at work. But what exactly does high engagement give you and how do you achieve it?

Even though we know the positive impact high engagement has on a work environment, a 2019 global survey by Gallup showed that only 15% of respondents felt engaged and 14% felt like there was a counteracting force at their workplace. This would mean that 85% of participating employees feel disengaged or were working against the company goals. This huge majority of respondents do their job with the least possible effort while being unwilling to put in a little extra time and work to go above and beyond what is expected of them. The same majority are also the employees that would leave their job in heartbeat if a better offer came along from another company. At the end of the day, the difference between the highest performing teams and the lowest of the bunch is staggering.

Forces for high employee engagement

You might be wondering what the situation is in your place of work. Is there some untapped potential among your employees that is waiting to be unlocked by a great leader? In almost every case, the answer to this question is yes, all you need is to actively raise the engagement levels of your employees. We have identified the four driving forces that work together to vastly raise the engagement in a workplace.

Driving forces:

  • A feeling that you belong among the employees
  • Efficient leadership that uses proper communication
  • Encouragement in a way that checks off the employee’s
  • Communication and psychological needs

If you meet these four forces for high engagement you will get employees who loves coming to work.

In this guide, you will find these 4 driving forces split up into 33 solid methods that you can use to be a better leader and raise your team’s performance.

Good luck!


Guide for high employee engagement

Find the 4 driving forces of engagement split up into 33 solid methods that you can use to be a better leader and raise your team’s performance.

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