We interviewed Petra Niilola, Head of Data Collecting at Kela, about how they use data collection to respond quickly in an ever-changing work environment.

Hi Petra, could you describe your organization?

“Kela’s (the Social Insurance Institution of Finland) mission is to provide basic economic security and health insurance for everyone living in Finland. We are constantly striving to develop our operations and the services we offer. The key elements for developing the operations are the correct data and modern tools.”

Could you explain how Kela use Questback today?

“Questback provides all the effective tools for our experts to work with surveys and data. Questback Essentials is a key tool for collecting and producing information based on questionnaires and forms. We collect data from various customer groups, different work units, and stakeholders. The data we collect is one of the critical parts of developing our operations and processes.”

Could you describe a challenge you had? (That you wanted to solve by gathering data from Questback?)

“We have a number of continuing surveys, meaning that surveys with different topics collect information over a longer time. In the past, editing and updating the process on the surveys required a lot of work and time. Now with Questback, we are more coherent and efficient with the process.”

Could you tell us about the results?

“Thanks to Questback, our experts have efficiently implemented the data into action. Fast data collection in a changing operating environment has helped our organization respond quickly in our ever-changing work environment.”

Bonus question: Could you tell us how data from Questback have changed the way you work and if it has affected your business?

“Implementing the data is not just a technical task, and it is essential to understand what type of data is needed and how it can be used to develop processes.”

Petra Niilola – Head of Data Collecting at Kela

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