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Gävle municipality reduces bullying by 40% with the help of Questback

Gävle municipality reduces bullying by 40% with the help of Questback

Oslo, Stockholm, 2022-03-17

Questback, the leading provider of employee and customer experience solutions in the Nordics, is happy to announce a very successful partnership with Gävle Municipality in Sweden that has driven real change in the classrooms of the region.

– In 2011 the National Agency for Education in Sweden published a report called Evaluation of different methods against bullying that clearly showed that the most common methods to stop bullying weren’t effective enough. The University of Gävle and Education Gävle didn’t find these findings acceptable and began work on what is today called ‘the Gävle Model’. To be able to measure the efforts and find and identify bullying on a classroom level, the group chose to use Questback.

“Before we started using the Gävle Model, I was pretty sure that we knew what was going on. But I see now, looking back, that we didn’t have a long-term handle of the situation. Today, on the other hand, we have a great insight into our continued work against bullying” says Katarina Jonsson, Assistant principal at Sörbyskolan.

Every semester, once in the fall and once in the spring, Questback is used to send a survey to the students at the schools in the Municipality. The anonymous survey helps the schools produce a safety index that contains information like “Your school/class has X students that most likely are being bullied”. The results provide statistics as well as help for the schools to identify areas and times that have a higher risk of bullying, information that can be used in future prevention efforts.

“The Gävle Model increased the engagement among our employees by making systematic measuring of our activities possible and, we’ve seen a strong improvement in results as a result. We used to go on gut feel – now we get reliable data from Questback that shows the true impact of our activities” Says Mårten Sohlberg, vice-principal at Prolympiaskolan in Gävle.

The number of victims of bullying in Gävle was in the 2021 measurement down to 5.2% – 41% lower than the national average.

“Gävle municipality has shown the versatility of our solution and implemented quantitative surveys in a way that makes a difference in the classroom. We’re incredibly proud that our solution is a part of this project and hope that it can act as an inspiration for more organizations to see how feedback can be used to drive change,” says Saeid Mirzaie, CEO of Questback.


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