Win the war for talent by giving your talent a voice

Unlock your staff’s insights to better engage, retain and develop your people by using Employee Touchpoint

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Win the war for talent by giving your talent a voice

In a time when the fight for talent has never been more competitive, Employee Touchpoint provides business leaders with detailed insights into what their teams are really thinking across their entire organization. Acting on this feedback helps businesses reduce staff turnover, boost productivity and improve their overall effectiveness.

Simple to implement and easy to use, Employee Touchpoint unlocks staff feedback, helping you attract, retain and develop the right people by creating truly engaged employees. 

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Employee Touchpoint Dashboard

Listen While They Work

Employee Touchpoint lets you listen to your people during key moments of their employee journey – from entry and onboarding, through to exit interviews. This feedback is delivered to your managers through personalized, visual dashboards, allowing your teams to keep their finger on the pulse of their people in real-time. 

Employee Touchpoint makes it easy to respond to employee feedback by providing you with actionable insight the helps transform your operations and get the best from your teams over the long-haul. 

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Getting Employees Up To Speed Faster

Getting employees up to speed - faster

Starting at a new job can be an overwhelming experience. Employee Touchpoint helps you improve your onboarding processes by organizing new hire feedback. You’ll now have the feedback you need to help get new employees up-to-speed, and contributing to your bottom line – faster. 

Demonstrate your commitment to new team member development by immediately acting upon their concerns, and leveraging new insights to improve your entry and onboarding processes.

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Retain Develop Top Talent For A Competitive Edge

Retain and Develop Top Talent for a Competitive Edge

In today’s hypercompetitive market, the skills, knowledge and ideas of your top talent is crucial to success. Studies show that the first three months in a job have the greatest impact on whether someone stays for the long term – and that it can cost up to the equivalent of a year’s salary to replace them if they leave.

Employee Touchpoint lets you engage deeper with your staff by listening and acting on their on-boarding feedback, identifying early warning signs before employees leave, and helping you learn the lessons to improve your retention processes going forward. Employee Touchpoint helps you keep the right people and skills by unlocking insight from across the employee journey.

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Employee Touchpoint Organizational Effectiveness

Faster Data for a More Competitive Organization

To compete in business today, managers need to make faster, more informed decisions – but too often the information they need is locked in people’s heads and cannot be accessed quickly enough to support effective decision making.

Employee Touchpoint allows you to listen directly to your staff and helps you understand how they are feeling at key points in their journey. This provides first hand insight into business performance and processes, identifying trends and enabling organizations to make better real-time decisions and longer term improvements. Increase your organization’s effectiveness and do more with less by focusing on the things that matter – your people.

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Employee Touchpoint Modules

Employee Touchpoint Modules

  • Entry Pulse – collect qualitative and quantitative feedback after the first week in a role. Delivers detailed insight and evaluation of the hiring process and reasons for joining, with in-built alerts if issues are identified.
  • On-boarding Pulse – triggered as soon as the on-boarding process is completed, it provides feedback on the process, measures engagement, and builds confidence by outlining the next steps in the employee’s development.
  • Exit Pulse – understand the real reasons that staff leave, and use this insight to better retain employees going forward. Exit Pulse helps you to minimize the business impact of staff departures and collects feedback to improve processes and safeguard talent.
  • Strategic Employee Insight Map – a real-time analytical dashboard, customized for every for manager’s role and responsibilities allows you to follow the employee journey and track changes over time across the organization, delivering actionable insight that supports better decision making and more effective organizations.
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Employee Touchpoint Features

Feature list

  • Open and simple to integrate with major HR and business solutions
  • Built on the scalable Questback Feedback Cloud, making it simple to integrate with all other forms of feedback, whatever your needs are now and in the future
  • Easy to use cloud-based solution, reducing set-up time and complexity
  • Secure data hosting in U.S. and European data centres
  • Full local support from the Questback Professional Services team
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