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Your Customers Are Mobile – Are Your Surveys Keeping Up?

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Your Customers Are Mobile – Are Your Surveys Keeping Up?

About 30% of surveys in the U.S. are completed on a mobile device, and that number goes up to over 50% internationally.

Many companies are still using surveys that aren’t optimized for mobile devices. These companies are missing out on valuable in-the-moment feedback that is more accurate and reliable than feedback collected days later. Even worse, these companies are creating a poor experience for their customers, which can decrease customer satisfaction and ultimately reduce customer loyalty.

Read on to discover how you may be missing out on critical insights – and a powerful customer satisfaction tool – if your surveys aren’t created using mobile-first survey technology.

The Way We Shop Has Changed

In the age of, instant gratification has become a way of life.

We search for, evaluate, and often buy products and services online, without ever setting foot outside the door.

On the occasion we do wander into a retail store or an office, we come well prepared with research, comparison data, and feedback from other customers.

The way we shop and buy products and services has changed, but a significant number of companies have not updated their customer surveys to meet this change in the marketplace.

Here are five ways you can use the instant-gratification, always-on marketplace to your advantage in real time.

1.     Get feedback in the moment of truthMeasure customer satisfaction at the end of an interaction.

2.    Use survey data to turn a negative customer experience around with positive action.

3.    Improve customer loyalty by thanking and rewarding valued customers who take the time to complete your surveys.

4.    Discover new insights and take action quickly by analyzing customer feedback as it comes in.

5.    Find trends and patterns by integrating CX data with transaction data, market research, employee feedback, and business insights.

Be Where Your Customers Are

Mobile devices are incredibly common today. Nearly everyone has a smartphone and/or a tablet.

Getting in-the-moment feedback from customers at the point of sale or just after an event helps you capture the customer experience while it’s fresh. And that can provide tremendously valuable and much more accurate insights.

Capturing that customer feedback in the moment gives you a window into the true customer experience.

Antiquated technology makes this hard for you as a company – and frustrating for your customers. To get more meaningful feedback, make sure your surveys work on whatever device the customer is using.

Open Rate and Completion Rate Are Two Different Things

People are opening your surveys on mobile devices – but they’re not all completing the surveys there.

Approximately 50% of surveys are opened on mobile devices – but only 19% of all online surveys are actually completed on mobile devices, according to a study from Greenbook. That means a good percentage of people are getting frustrated with the experience and abandoning the survey. For the remaining people who actually complete the survey, you can bet that the quality of their feedback will be much lower if the survey process is frustrating.

Don’t make your survey a frustrating customer experience. Make sure it’s optimized for mobile devices.

Questback survey software is mobile-first. With it you can design great survey experiences that result in higher completion rates and better quality feedback. No matter what device your customers are using, they’ll be able to take the survey and provide you with invaluable customer insights.

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