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13 Facts You Didn’t Know About Enterprise Feedback Management

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13 Facts You Didn’t Know About Enterprise Feedback Management

Smart organizations today use Enterprise Feedback Management to streamline the collection of feedback from customers, employees and the marketplace. Everything from creation, management, and delivery of surveys to analysis of results falls under the Enterprise Feedback Management umbrella.

Enterprise Feedback Management has many benefits from improved organizational effectiveness to greater customer satisfaction and the ability to discover new market opportunities.

Here are 13 things you might not know about Enterprise Feedback Management…

1. It Doesn’t Have to Be a Manual Process

Robust Enterprise Feedback Management Software (EFM) enables companies to automate feedback processes and real-time push reporting. This in turn helps leaders and organizations quickly gain deep insights and then rapidly turn them into action by triggering workflows in response.

2. You Don’t Need to Be a Data Analyst to Understand It

Few companies can sit around waiting for a data analyst to tell them what’s happening in their business. Superior EFM software allows anyone to explore results in real time, compare information from different sources, see past data and gain new insights across departments and verticals. It empowers users to make decisions and take action.

3. It Can Affect Your Customers’ Experience With Your Brand

When you gather feedback from customers, employees, stakeholders, and the wider market, you can make smarter decisions – faster. You can respond to competitor moves with more agility and be quicker to shift in the right direction. From your customers’ viewpoint, you’re always ahead of the curve.

4. It’s Not a Once-a-Year Activity

To be useful, feedback should be an ongoing part of your business – internally and externally. An open dialogue with your employees and customers will help you match the speed at which perception and sentiment of your brand can change.

5. It Works Best When It’s Unsiloed

A holistic view of data via Enterprise Feedback Management createsmore value for your organization than data that remains in departmental silos. This includes structured, unstructured,solicited, and unsolicited feedback from both external and internal systemsacross multiple channels.

With this complete, collaborative view, organizations can makemore connections between data sets, spot opportunities, and identify weakpoints.

6. You’ll Get Better Results When You 

Today’s customers and employees are taking surveys from their smartphones, and your technology needs to meet mobile user expectations in order to reach them.

7. It Can Improve Employee Engagement

Engaging with employees helps them to realize that they are integral to your company’s success, helping you to retain, develop, and attract talent. Listening to employee feedback can uncover insights that improve both strategic and tactical decision making.

8. You Don’t Have to Buy the Whole System at Once

A robust EFS platform like Questback Enterprise Feedback Suite grows with you. Buy the parts you want, when you want them. Start with the basics, and then add on as your company expands.

9. Employee Feedback Can Be a Strategic Business Driver

Senior managers understand the importance of employee feedback to their organizations.

Nearly all (96%) of the senior managers we surveyed in our 2015 Annual Employee Survey Report regularly discuss the findings of their employee engagement surveys at senior management meetings, with the other 4% discussing this in ad hoc sessions.

In addition, 70% state that employee feedback contributes tothe delivery of business strategy.

Make sure you ask employees questions that link to business strategy, and process the results quickly so you can use the data to drive smart actions.

10. Enterprise Feedback Can Be a Social Activity

Creating an online community with forums, blogs, chats and surveys enables open dialogue with your customers, letting you collect more targeted insight. You can use a community platform to:

_     Create online focus groups

_     Conduct diary studies

_     Enable live chats and forum discussions

_     Perform subject recruitment

_     Develop qualitative projects

_     Dynamically test concepts

11. Most Companies Aren’t Fully Embracing Employee Feedback

The Questback 2015 Annual Employee Survey Report discovered that many companies are not fully embracing employee feedback.

More than 90% of organizations run surveys on an annual orbiennial basis, rather than more frequently. That’s like driving a car using only your rear-view mirror!

You need regular feedback from employees, and you need toembed it within day-to-day operations in order to take advantage of this valuableinsight and use it to gain a competitive edge.

12. Theory and Practice Are Two Different Things

Often the reason employee feedback isn’t gathered morefrequently is because of internal resource requirements and organizational resistanceto change.

The right technology can help automate the processand free up your people to focus on driving the business. But to gain company-wide buy-in, employeesneed to understand the benefits for themselves, and departments have to worktogether to eliminate data silos.

13. Enterprise Feedback Can Be Used Tactically AND Strategically

A big challenge facing HR today is that there is still a focus on doing things right, rather than doing the right things. HR teams should build a holistic view of the organization by merging feedback from multiple sources to better understand what’s happening company-wide. This will help them forecast what will happen next and take action accordingly.




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