Instead of using disparate survey tools, a unified approach to enterprise feedback which systematically implemented, leads to double or triple digit revenue gains.

Go back in time for a moment, all the way back to your high school art class. Before your teacher spent any time showing you the difference between stippling and etching, or how to mix acrylic paint colors according to the color wheel, she probably taught you how to see differently.

The teacher may have asked you to squint your eyes when you looked at an object, to help you focus on the largest parts of your painting subject and not get lost in the detail. She may have had you use a grid, to break the subject down into small and more manageable pieces. Or she may have had you take a picture of the subject and turn it upside down so your brain would stop seeing the object for what it was and instead see it for its lines and forms.

All of those exercises had one purpose: to help you look at the subject with fresh eyes.

The number one place you are losing money is right in front of your eyes.

You need to look at your business from new angles in order to identify organizational problems that you may not have noticed – or may have become blind to.

Fresh Vision Enables Predictive Analysis

Effective analysis starts with gathering comprehensive data. Surveys are critical for this, but combine survey results with unsolicited data from social media and you have a powerhouse of information at your fingertips.

The trouble comes when you use multiple tools and rely on expensive outside consultants to explain the reports. Your company’s operational and strategic goals get put to the wayside in this situation, with no way to look at the data holistically.

A Single, Comprehensive Overview

A single, comprehensive feedback platform that also gives you actionable reporting can deliver much more meaningful insight. You can quickly identify inefficiencies and weak points and use them as opportunities for innovation and strategic movement.

When departments solve problems and innovate faster, your customers see the improvements. Using a single tool for gathering and analyzing data also helps you align all of your departments toward the same goals. It enables collaborative decision-making based on facts.

Looking at feedback from this strategic vantage point will unlock meaningful patterns in the data and the signals across it.

Predictive Analysis Enables Proactive Innovation

You can actually begin making educated predictions about the future – what your customers will buy, where your customers will be located, what your employee turnover rate will be in a certain department – by regularly analyzing comprehensive data. Instead of just listening to customer or employee feedback one by one, looking at your data all-inclusively shows you patterns, gaps, new customer spaces or even underserved touch-points.

Predictive analysis gives you the intelligence to filter higher-risk prospects and market in a more targeted manner. For example, not reaching out to those who don’t respond. It also helps you to identify organizational problems such as productivity lag or operational waste when and where (or before) they happen. For example, predicting system failure or human resource attrition. This can actually decrease your company’s risk.


Stop wasting your time with disconnected survey tools, and stop struggling to gather and analyze results and respondent data in isolation. Get a fresh and comprehensive view of your company’s data so predictive analysis can go to work on your bottom line. Request a free demo of Questback’s unified platform and start running smoother, smarter business operations – on all fronts.

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