Customer surveys and employee reviews can be intimidating for many managers, giving the feeling that they are being tested.

‘Bad’ feedback can be the best feedback you ever get

Customer surveys and employee surveys can be intimidating for many managers, giving the feeling that they are being tested. Research even shows that when evaluating something people tend to be more negative than they would otherwise be. But don’t be put off.

The truth helps.

For both customer and employee surveys can be tough on the person receiving the feedback, but experts actually encourage facilitation of negative feedback.

Leaders should plan a process where both employees and customers expect regular surveys and feedback opportunities.

Supporting research show that this expectation creates more “negative” – read: honest – feedback, which is where the potential for improvement lies. Professor Magne Jørgensen of Simula Research Laboratory recognized this in a ComputerWorld article by stating that “… the satisfaction level is reduced because the expected surveying creates significantly more negative thoughts”.

Complaints = Priceless source of learning.

Skilled managers love honest and specific feedback on issues that can be improved, but it is not enough to encourage honesty. One must also do something about it.

By addressing complaints and small signs of dissatisfaction, customers and employees see that the company takes them seriously and actually do something. It builds trust and loyalty. The trick is not only to deal with the discontent but to do something about the cause of it.

There are many products, process, and service improvements disguised in a good complaint.

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