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3 Simple Steps to Listen to the Voice of Business for Busy Managers

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3 Simple Steps to Listen to the Voice of Business for Busy Managers

As a manager, you have a million things on your plate every day.

Chasing down Voice of the Business (VOB) insights – such as financial data, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), IT assets, and facilities – is simply something you may not have time for.

Let’s face it: Knowing who even has that data is a skill-set in itself!

VOB data is critically important. Without it, it’s impossible to see the whole picture of how the business is really working. 

Even when you get this data, it is often disconnected from market research, employee feedback, and Voice of the Customer data.

To keep your finger on the pulse of your business and to get a holistic view of organizational momentum – you need to be able to access VOB data easily and ensure you can link it to other critical data.

The first step toward making this happen is getting the right tool in place. Questback’s MySight reporting tool, for example, integrates data from disparate sources into a customized dashboard that any user can access and pull from.

Once you have the right tool, there are three ways to keep the process of listening to VOB data as simple as possible.

1. Automate the Survey Process

The process of creating surveys can be cumbersome and time-consuming if you’re doing it manually each time. Automate the survey process to free you (and your team) to focus on the business.

MySight lets you see survey results and data reports the instant they’re available, so you don’t have to wait weeks to get the data you need to make important decisions.

2. Embed the Feedback Process Within the Business

When your team knows that you use their feedback to make strategic decisions, requests for information become less of a hassle and employees become business drivers.

Demonstrate to your team how you use data to get baselines, monitor progress, and make decisions that move your entire company forward. MySight enables any user to run reports, which means that critical information doesn’t reside in a silo. This will empower your team to keep the information coming and make smarter decisions day-to-day.

3. Link employee surveys to other data sources

A holistic view of your organization can help you better understand what’s happening, and enable you to forecast what will happen next. To obtain a truly holistic view and get the information you need to make effective decisions, link multiple data sources together to enable smarter correlations.

Combining multiple data sources can give you the bigger picture of what’s happening in your organization and help you to root out problems before they affect your numbers.

For example, link your employee surveys to corporate metrics such as churn rates to get an idea of how your employees’ current state of mind is affecting their job satisfaction.

MySight makes this easy by collecting data from various business units, departments and channels into one easy-to-use tool that can produce dynamic, customized reports.

Real-Time Data Enables Real-Time Action

Having access to the right data at the right time helps you make smarter decisions. More importantly, it also helps you address and correct internal VOB-related issues before they impact customers.

Make sure the tool you use to gather and access VOB data also enables you to access other data and metrics, so you can get a more holistic view.  This will ensure that when you act on the data, you’ve got all the right information to make the smartest decisions.

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