Case Study | Sky


With about 4.3 million customers, Sky is the pay-TV market leader in Germany and Austria. Exclusive content, innovative products for anywhere, anytime viewing, and outstanding customer service – these are the key ingredients in the media company’s formula for success. The figures speak for themselves: customer growth is 61 % higher than the previous year. Sky’s brand promise is to always offer the best entertainment experience – and not just in terms of programs and products. It also applies to customer service, which is a key strategic priority for the company.


Sky has developed the Customer Call Satisfaction Index (CCSI), its own Key Performance Indicator (KPI). CCSI consists of two primary components that Sky has been measuring comprehensively with Questback since 2011: Customer Satisfaction and the First Contact Resolution Rate. Following the completion of a customer call in the Sky service center, the company doesn’t just measure whether the customer was satisfied, but also the extent to which the customer’s request was resolved by the initial call through the First Contact Resolution Rate. This is achieved by emailing every customer a satisfaction survey once every call is completed. 60,000 of these survey invitations are sent out automatically every month, with customers having five days in which to respond. The results are then collated within the Questback system, transferred to Sky via a reporting interface, and assessed on a weekly basis.


"Using Questback makes surveying all customers that call us affordable,” says Robert Wiedemer. "With a pure CATI solution, it would have been much too expensive.” Questback’s powerful platform proved flexible enough for a customised integration into Sky’s business processes. "The biggest effort in terms of project set-up was integrating all the relevant departments. The customising of the software was then relatively easy,” concludes Mario Krebs. "Questback EFS delivers exactly the data we need to evaluate and continuously improve our customer service. And our rising subscription figures prove that we’re going in the right direction.”

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