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SOS Barnbyar

Elias Axelsson Björklund
Case Studies
SOS Barnbyar

SOS-Barnbyar works to improve the welfare of families with children in Finland and other countries. When development manager, Hannu Rusama, first joined SOS-Barnbyar in 2017, his primary objective was to improve the data-based measurability of the effects of their services. Up to that point, their results were more speculation than actual data. In addition, distinct indicators of progress were needed, to be shared and distributed throughout the entire field and not just within the organization.

Because of how the work that SOS-Barnbyar does can be a very sensitive subject, very few of their clients would agree to a face-to-face debriefing. There was a need for a measurement tool to create quick and anonymous surveys to enable the organization to analyze data from their clients. The challenge was then to convert the data into something accessible that the employees could analyze and make it easier for them to do their job.

Data that makes the work easier

“We needed a tool that we could use to collect data rapidly and anonymously.”, Hannu tells us. “The data collection should also not burden the employees with more work. We want to be able to use the data in our daily routines and as a tool for information management. Our employees felt that Questback understood and had the ability to realize their objectives in a way that other companies couldn’t. This made it easy for us to choose Questback as our partner.”

Questback and SOS-Barnbyar

Even if SOS-Barnbyar had previously collected data from client feedback, the organization didn’t have the correct tools to correctly analyze it. The first step in their partnership with Questback was to figure out how to examine the different elements to measure the results and welfare of the clients. The data model that was created was based on a lot of different welfare components.


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