Extraordinary Organizations Need Extraordinary Leadership

Webinar | Extraordinary Organizations Need Extraordinary Leadership

Leadership development has evolved from hierarchical organizations to agile team structures. Feedback is critical to developing high-performing leaders, yet traditional resource-intensive methods of collecting 360-degree leadership feedback mean that they have solely been used for a narrow group of higher-level executives, limiting wider development opportunities.


In the second in a series of webinars exploring leadership development, we explore:  


  • How to deliver extraordinary experiences to improve organizational culture
  • How to Implement relevant metrics to reduce the churn of key talent
  • How to increase team productivity and how to adapt to change
  • How to quickly identify gaps, blind spots, hidden strengths and development areas
  • How to provide teams with real-time analytics and guides to drive continuous growth


Watch our on-demand version to learn how to empower your team, yourself and your organization through Leadership 360.