Casestudies | Danfoss


  • Danfoss runs a bi-annual employee survey to measure employee satisfaction at a high level.
  • In 2016, senior managers wanted to add a new style of survey to identify and address specific employee issues faster and more effectively.
  • The new survey needed to be engaging, easy and fast to complete, and provide transparent and highly actionable results.


  • The company selected Questback’s Enterprise Feedback Platform to create an innovative approach to collecting employee feedback.
  • The new, interactive ‘HY-Five’ surveys, which only take five minutes to complete, feature a mix of closed and open questions linked to a simple five-point visual scale.
  • Free text fields allow employees to expand on their views.
    Respondents also see a real-time summary of the survey results when they are finished.


  • The survey yielded a 77% response rate, 98% approval rating and 1,751 open text comments.
  • Managers can now understand the real meaning of specific feedback at a local level.
  • Employee problems can now be identified and addressed quickly and easily.
  • 25% increase in programs and activities based on feedback.
  • Results can be seen and analysed in near-real time via online dashboards.
  • Automation of text comments to accelerate analysis and action.


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