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Competitive Insight Powers Transformative Organizations

One of the most experienced and advanced online research firms, Touchstone Research, Inc. is known for innovation, leading-edge technical solutions and excellence in customer service and product delivery. Leveraging Questback’s Enterprise Feedback Platform, Touchstone leads the charge in innovative market research, delivering competitive insight to a prestigious Fortune 500 client list including industry leaders in media, entertainment, technology and family and youth markets.


Be a trailblazer. Reimagine research with Touchstone and Questback.



“Marketing research must be as fast-moving, dynamic and ever-changing as is today’s consumer-centric tech-world.”

– Aaron Burch, President Touchstone Research




  • Market research has never been more important or more competitive.
  • Changing business and consumer expectations require faster, more detailed and more meaningful insight.
  • Touchstone is known for providing next-gen quantitative and qualitative research services to the world’s largest brands, marketers, and agencies.
  • To succeed, Touchstone required a platform to support their innovation and excellence in project delivery and results.


  • Selecting Questback’s Enterprise Feedback Platform, Touchstone empowers their clients to excellence through effective, creative and innovative solutions matched with exceptional client service.
  • Questback’s technical robustness enables Touchstone to tackle the most complex, large-scale, highly-customized projects with ease.
  • Offering unmatched flexibility, Questback’s technology fosters agile research, allowing Touchstone to seamlessly respond to quick or completely out-of-the-box projects
  • Leveraging the latest in tech, Questback’s automation, ease of use, and security create a solid foundation for Touchstone to meet and exceed their client’s demands at the level of innovation and excellence they are renowned for.


  • Touchstone has delivered millions in new client projects for Fortune 500 brands
  • With nearly 3 million survey responses and 200 thousand panelists, Touchstone has netted massive amounts of data points and insights generated. The results are clear for Touchstone and invaluable for their clients.
  • Touchstone and Questback are at the forefront of feedback and data, ready to embrace the next evolution of competitive insight.