Zen Of Customer Loyalty How To Never Lose A Customer Again



The Zen of Customer Loyalty: How to Never Lose a Customer Again

Angry customers. Loud, public complaints and hundreds of questions on social media. Massive amounts of meaningless customer feedback data in various systems.

It’s enough to disturb anyone’s peace of mind.

Bring some Zen-like calm into your customer interactions with these three tenets of customer loyalty.

1. Mindfulness: Engage the Customer

An effective customer feedback process is a dialogue, not a monologue.

Begin your dialogue by using your customer survey system to trigger an automated alert to your customer service team when there is negative feedback, for example.

Start a conversation based on the feedback the customer gives you. Make sure that your survey questions capture enough profile information so that you can talk human-to-human with each customer, providing a personalized response

With the right feedback system in place you will also be better equipped to make dynamic, data-driven changes to your processes to strengthen customer loyalty in the future.

2. Nonviolence: View Unhappiness as an Opportunity

An unhappy customer is an opportunity in disguise. You can turn them into an advocate with the right interaction – but you’ll lose them forever if you ignore their complaint.

Many companies make the mistake of being reactive when it comes to customer complaints. Often it’s because the customer hasn’t yet had their problem resolved by customer service, so they’ve taken to social media to get their voice heard. The company reacts and responds on social media – but the damage is done.

Be proactive, not reactive. Set up feedback systems at key touchpoints so you can spot issues before they go too far. Then you can respond in a timely manner and help soothe the customer before their trust and loyalty is lost forever.

3. Respect: Know the Customer Before You Reach Out

Personalize your company’s response to customer feedback by knowing the customer.

When you have holistic information about each customer through a unified feedback system and thoughtful, thorough survey questions, you can better engage with them. You’ll know the right way and the right time to contact them, so your outreach is perceived as helpful and generous, instead of an intrusive interruption.

Lost Your Zen?

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