Today’s customers are empowered. Their voice is amplified, their choices are varied, and their expectations are greater than ever. Here are ten principles you can use to take your customers’ experience to the next level, whatever business or industry you are in. 

  1. Thou shalt appoint a responsible and dedicated resource for the Customer Experience. Attention to Customer Experience is sacred and critical to the survival and success of your business.
  2. Thou shalt get Top Management’s GO and ownership across the organization for the Customer Experience to top the agenda, for it to work and create catalyst experiences.
  3. Thou shalt map all your customer processes and touch points (points of contact) between the customer and the organization.
  4. Thou shalt set up a centralized feedback management system to measure continuously your KPIs across all touch points.
  5. Thou shalt listen radically to what your customers are telling you. Ask critical questions. Ask even what you are afraid to ask. Success favors the brave.
  6. Thou shalt turn customer feedback into action – be willing to follow where it leads.
  7. Thou shalt communicate changes and improvements back to the customers (whose Experience is sacred). Let them know you are listening and trying to improve for them.
  8. Thou shalt treat your customers as mass markets of one, follow up with individual customers and take every opportunity to be flexible and customer centric in your interactions.
  9. Honor customer complaints – they are the father and mother of amazing opportunities to create positive advantages for your business.
  10. 10. Thou shalt nurture genuine employee engagement – for where there is employee satisfaction there is customer satisfaction.

And there you have it. Personalization and dialogue with targeted respondents – individual customers whom you get to care about and know, is perhaps the ultimate secret to great feedback management and heavenly customer experience.

And if your business can live these commandments, everywhere and anytime you interact with your audience, yours will be the kingdom: satisfied customers, who return a lot and buy more, who refer widely and promote for free, and who stay loyal to you a long, long time.

What about you?

Questback can help your company collect the right data at the right touchpoint to turn customer feedback into smarter decisions and competitive improvements across your business.

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