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Reduce Churn by Engaging Employees from the Moment They Are Hired

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Employee Experience
Reduce Churn by Engaging Employees from the Moment They Are Hired

There is a direct link between corporate performance and employee engagement.

Tracking, managing, and boosting employee engagement used to be HR’s responsibility, but this is no longer the case. You, the manager, are now accountable for your employees’ commitment to the organization.

A drop in productivity or an increase in employee complaints are just two of the warning signs that you might have actively disengaged employees on your hands.

Don’t let it get that far. Retain your top talent by staying focused on employee engagement.

You have the opportunity to engage your employees from the very moment they join your team.

Hiring and Onboarding

You can avoid the cost of replacing the wrong employee by making the hiring process one that involves facts. Survey your candidates at the interview stage to make sure you’re bringing the right capabilities into the right roles from the start. This also reduces recruitment time and will save you in training costs down the road.

Once you’ve made your hiring decision, you can get employees engaged during the onboarding process.

Share your dashboards and analytics with new employees so they immediately know what they will be working toward.

Make sure your workplace is customized around employee needs while creating a work culture that puts creating value at the top of the agenda. Then introduce new employees to the culture with a systematized onboarding strategy.

Employee Feedback

In a recent ILM survey, 25% of employees planning to quit their jobs said they felt unappreciated at work. Giving employees a voice with regular and frequent feedback surveys is a simple way to make them feel heard – and, ultimately, appreciated.

New tools and techniques such as rapid pulse surveys, analytical applications and event-driven surveys also allow you to measure job satisfaction, employee happiness and organizational alignment. You give your employees a real voice with feedback surveys, plus these activities help you to better understand how employee engagement ties to other work factors.

Talent Development

Training and development programs should be available to employees at every level. Investing in your employees’ skills is not only critical to their career development, but it also improves staff satisfaction. Your team members will be less likely to want to leave when they are getting opportunities to grow in their careers and as individuals.

Talent development programs can also increase employees’ sense of community and encourage them to aim higher.

Talk to your HR department about offering improved training programs to your employees.

Employee Insights

Another use for employee surveys is capitalizing on staff insights. Give your employees the opportunity to share their opinions and experiences with you – but don’t stop there. Use those insights to:

_    Improve the workplace

_    Reward and recognize milestones

_    Give feedback and guidance

Empower your team and create a work-positive culture by listening to employee feedback and then acting on it. You’ll also reduce employee churn and be better prepared to match employees to specific roles and tasks.

The Value of Engaged Employees

As a manager, you are responsible for making employees feel valued, heard and connected. Establish a plan to boost employee engagement from the time you hire a new employee through the length of their career with your company.


Guide for high employee engagement

Find the 4 driving forces of engagement split up into 33 solid methods that you can use to be a better leader and raise your team’s performance.

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