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How to Avoid Customer Feedback Fatigue: Create Better Surveys

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How to Avoid Customer Feedback Fatigue: Create Better Surveys

Customer feedback is an invaluable source of insights that can improve your organizational effectiveness and your bottom line. This data can help you make smarter decisions and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

But how do you get that feedback when your customers are experiencing all-too-common feedback fatigue?

It’s easier than ever to collect customer feedback, and many companies are taking advantage of that fact and surveying like crazy. This has resulted in exhausted, annoyed customers. 

Here how not to annoy your customers, but instead encourage them to fill out your feedback surveys.

1)  Make Your Customer Surveys Convenient

Most respondents complain about the inconvenience of surveys, according to a survey by Vovici.

_    21% say they are too busy to complete surveys

_    16% say surveys are just plain inconvenient

_    15% say that surveys get too personal

_    12% say surveys are too long

Don’t make your customers work to give you their feedback. Make it as easy as possible for them to share their experiences and opinions with you.

1.   Keep surveys as short as possible. Ask the questions you need to ask to fulfill the purpose of your customer survey, and no more.

2.   Make it worth their while. Consider offering an incentive to complete your survey. A discount or coupon can sometimes be all the motivation a customer needs to take a few minutes out of their day to answer your questions. Consider your customers’ preferred method of communication. If most of your customers prefer an email to an inconvenient  phone call, stick to email. 

2)   Stop Overwhelming Your Customers With Requests

The sheer number of survey requests the average customer receives is overwhelming. They’re asked to give feedback at the end of each phone call, they’re sent emails and text messages after each interaction – even the receipts they’re handed at the store include a URL to fill out a “brief survey.”

It’s just too much. Customers can’t keep up and often they do not feel rewarded.

To avoid adding to the pile and to actually engage your customers’ attention, do these three things:

1.   Coordinate efforts and survey strategically. Make sure each part of your company is aligned when it comes to gathering customer feedback, so you can consolidate your surveys into the fewest number possible.

2.   Personalize the request. Automation is a beautiful thing – but no one likes to feel like a number on a list. Personalize your survey requests as much as possible to create a more human connection with your customers.

3.   Pay attention to your metrics. At what frequency do response rates start to drop off? This is the line you shouldn’t cross when it comes to how often you’re sending customer surveys.

3)  Keep an Eye on Your NPS Score

Your Net Promoter Score is an important indicator of how your customers are feeling toward your company at any point. It’s calculated from the answers to one question: Would you recommend us to your family and friends?

If your NPS score is dropping, you might be tempted to send out more surveys to find out why.


Your surveys might just be the culprit.

1.   Look at your data. Is there a correlation between the number of surveys you’re sending out and the drop in NPS score?

2.   Look at your customers’ reviews and social media posts. Are they saying anything that might indicate they’re annoyed with constant requests for feedback?

3.   Look at the feedback you already have. Do you notice anything in the tone or word choice that might signify dissatisfaction with the survey experience?

4)  Be Thoughtful and Strategic: Don’t Survey Just to Survey

Customer feedback is a powerful tool for your business – but don’t risk customer satisfaction (or worse, customer loyalty) to get it.

Read more about Customer Satisfaction Surveys.


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