Company News | Questback featured in The Times on Employee Engagement & Benefits

Published July 21, 2017

Employee Insight

Businesses understand the impact of employee engagement on their bottom line – but in an era of hypercompetition traditional methods of engagement, such as the annual survey, are no longer enough.

The latest Raconteur guide in The Times sets out how to transform your strategy, by adopting new ways of operating that create a more engaged, productive, aligned and motivated workforce.

Read our article in the guide to learn how you can evolve your engagement strategy, and move up the maturity curve in four simple steps, embracing new forms of feedback such as always-on and journey based surveys to create an ongoing dialogue with your people that is based on listening and acting.

Read the guide to understand: 

  • The current state of engagement, and how poor motivation is costing the UK economy £340bn every year

  • New ways to transform your organisational strategy 

  • How to create an ongoing dialogue with your people by adopting constant feedback, closing the loop between feedback and action

Read the latest Raconteur guide to learn how to transform your engagement strategy.

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