Questback Aligns With Value-Based Healthcare Consortium ICHOM

In The News | Questback Aligns With Value-Based Healthcare Consortium ICHOM

May 11, 2016 – Supporting the move towards value-based healthcare, Questback, today announced that it has become a Technology Affiliate of the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM). As a Technology Affiliate, Questback will help health care organisations collect and measure patient feedback according to internationally recognised standards developed by ICHOM, and use this information to improve the quality of patient care while increasing efficiency.

Founded in 2012, ICHOM’s mission is to unlock the potential of value-based healthcare. It is achieving this by defining Standard Sets of outcome measures that matter most to patients for the most relevant medical conditions and driving adoption and reporting of these measures worldwide. By 2017, ICHOM aims to have published Standard Sets covering more than 50 percent of the global disease burden. It has already created 21 Standard Sets in areas such as Dementia, Coronary Artery Disease, Cataracts, Parkinson’s Disease and Lung Cancer.

Questback has incorporated major components of these Standard Sets into its enterprise feedback platform, making it faster and simpler for care providers to begin collecting patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) in accordance with ICHOM standards.

“Patient-reported outcomes are central to all of our Standard Sets,” said Jacob Lippa, ICHOM’s Director of Implementation. “However, collecting patient-generated health data in routine care can be challenging. Our Technology Affiliate program recognises companies that facilitate this process. We are delighted that Questback has joined the growing number of organisations who are aligning with ICHOM to accelerate the shift toward value-based health.”

All ICHOM Technology Affiliates have been evaluated to ensure that their solutions offer the reliability, flexibility, and functionality that health care providers need to capture patient-generated data electronically.

“The move to value-based healthcare offers organisations, such as NHS Trusts, the opportunity to dramatically improve outcomes while reducing costs,” said Marcus Evans, NHS Account Director at Questback. Odd Inge Hellesylt, Global Healthcare Director, Questback, added “Listening to patient feedback is central to achieving the benefits of value-based healthcare. Our support of ICHOM Standard Sets further demonstrates our capabilities in the sector and reinforces our ability to work with healthcare organisations to drive improvements across the patient journey.”

ICHOM’s 2016 conference, which Questback will attend, is being held in London between 16-17 May and will focus on impact and implementation: the “why” and “how” of outcomes measurement.


The International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM) is a nonprofit organisation with the mission of transforming healthcare systems worldwide by enabling and promoting standardised measurement and reporting of health outcomes. ICHOM organises global teams of physician leaders, outcomes researchers, and patients to define Standard Sets of outcomes per medical condition, and then drives adoption to enable healthcare providers globally to compare, learn, and improve.


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