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Survey of US Financial Sector Reveals Complacency in Gender Pay

Published 1 April 2019 by

New data from Questback shows that employees believe that they work for a meritocracy, despite evidence of a gender pay gap.

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Press Coverage: More Women Lead, Yet Still Lag
| Global Finance |

Published 24 January 2019 by

In a study conducted by Questback, data reflects women's representation is not enough for wage parity. Questback's resident assessment psychologist, Andrew Cocks, believes cultural bias is at the core of the issue and is highlighted in this Global Finance article.

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Questback sets sights on improving team performance with an integrated feedback solution in Microsoft Teams

Published 9 January 2019 by

Questback launches its team performance app for Microsoft Teams. The app meets a growing demand for organizations to optimize team performance through stronger teamwork, communication and collaboration at a time when the workplace itself is rapidly evolving to become more remote, agile and transient.

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Andrew Cocks: Cultural bias underpins the Gender Pay Gap in UK financial services
| HRreview |

Published 7 January 2019 by

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Press Release: Profound Cultural Bias Lies Behind The Gender Pay Gap In UK Financial Sector

Published 27 September 2018 by

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Press Release: Questback Revolutionizes Team Performance with Qubie

Published 12 September 2018 by

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