Customer Satisfaction Survey Employee Evaluation Software

Mobile-ready, event driven, feature rich online customer surveys with outstanding professional survey support. Demonstrate improved response rates with Questback mobile ready online customer surveys.

Offering four levels of features and pricing there’s a survey solution for companies of all sizes, including a student solution package to assist with studies and exams in multi language module with 36 different question types.

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Mobile Responsive Customer Surveys Online

Over 50% of surveys today are opened on mobile devices. So we’ve optimized all Questback online customer surveys for smartphones giving respondents the experience they expect, and giving you higher completion rates. Request a demo

Increase reach with more respondents using event-driven, mobile-ready customer surveys that look great on any smartphone, device or browser.

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Sales Success with Customer Feedback Surveys

Success depends on how well sales know their customer and prospect. There are many solutions to increase turnover and profitability by analyzing the responses made by your existing and potential customers.

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Employee Survey Solutions - Discover Improvements Easily

Engage and learn more about your employees, hear the honest opinion of your valued staff members by exploring the following solutions to your requirements.

Increase Survey Response and Engagement

Questback online Surveys are simple to create, easy to share and designed to collect valuable feedback from any channel — email, website, or social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Real-time reports , online survey tools

Automated. Easy to share.

Reports you CEO will love. Spend less time data gathering and more on analysis and getting stuff done Our real time reports and visual dashboards are the most intuitive way in the industry to measure your data and improve performance.

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Questback reporting gives you a powerful set of real-time dashboards and online survey tools to help you get more from your data. And Questback reporting lets you send alerts to different areas of your business when it’s time for follow-up on specific feedback. With Questback, your results - like all your data, belongs only to you. Share your feedback with colleagues, download and export your data, or sync your survey responses to your other backend systems.

  • Track feedback as it comes in: as soon as a survey goes live and responses start to tick in, Questback generates automatically a report with charts, tables and list with free text answers.
  • Analyze flexibly: Questback Essentials allows you to create as many additional own reports as needed, and give you full control about the content, the visual presentation and the distribution of your reports.
  • Share in real-time: all reports in Questback Essentials are online and in real-time, not only for you as user working with them, but for anybody with whom the report is share via URL as LiveReport!
  • Reporting is an integrated part of your workflows in Questback Essential and includes data from the distribution (i.e. bounce tracking info) as well as acts as starting point for your follow-up activities.
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​World-class security

Your data is always secure.

Our ISO certified cloud environment keeps your data safe, secure and accessible only by you. Questback takes security very seriously and will always provide you with a secure architecture, enhanced data protection and complete control of your data

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Custom Design

Your survey. Your brand identity.

Create valuable on-brand experiences while you collect feedback. Customize your survey with your brand colors, fonts, logos. Add video and images to any question and get higher completion rates and deeper engagement.

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Survey Wizard

In-platform support.

Our survey wizard helps you with everything from survey logic, to survey questions, to managing respondent info to customizing design and quality assurance testing. Smart wizard can guide you as you choose from a wide number of survey templates in 10+ languages.

While our survey wizard is wonderful, if you ever want custom live support you’ll find friendly, local and expert help from our customer success team readily available.

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Customer feedback survey template

Set up your survey professionally.

Choose from our expertly compiled, ready-to-use customer feedback survey templates so you can focus on growing your business, not learning surveys. Get off-the-shelf marketing, customer feedback, employee evaluation surveys and more.

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All the features you need


  • Multi-user accounts, so you can co-operate and share your feedback projects across your organization and beyond!


  • Localize your surveys into local languages. We make it easy for you to manage your multilingual feedback projects.
  • Questback Essentials works in 11 different user languages and operates with unicode, supporting all languages around the globe and their characters. Send email invitations and reminders to respondents in their own language. Run a survey in one language and pull a report in a different language. It's easy with Questback.

Follow-up functionality

  • Turn one-way monologue (you ask, people respond) into two-way dialogue (you ask, people respond, you act and engage) - by sending follow up 1-to-1, 1-to-many or 1-to-all emails after the survey’s been completed.
  • Engaging respondents in a follow-up conversation lets you collect extended answers and deeper insights from the people who matter most to your business.
  • Letting feedback providers know they are heard deepens engagement. Say good bye to random research samples and hello to valuable customer relationships and on-going dialogue.
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Professional Services

1-to-1 support, expert advice, workshops and more. Professional services for professional needs We can help you with all stages on the feedback maturity curve, from simple customer surveys all the way up to sophisticated and scalable feedback solutions, involving integrated dashboards, legacy IT systems and managed databases. We grow with our customers so as your feedback needs develop so do your support ofering. If you'd like to see how Questback Professional services can help your company collect valuable feedback across all digital channels contact us today and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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