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Win the War for Talent: Listen and Act with Employee Touchpoint

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Employee Experience
Win the War for Talent: Listen and Act with Employee Touchpoint

Top companies understand the powerful connections between engaged employees and bottom-line performance. Organizations big and small are therefore investing more time and money learning how to effectively measure and leverage critical team feedback to form a stronger competitive edge. Companies capable of effectively motivating and cultivating inspired workforces are winning the war for talent, reducing turnover, and making smarter business decisions based on comprehensive feedback. These successful organizations are intentional about studying the experience of their team members during all stages of the employee lifecycle. This journey-based approach to feedback gives business leaders a more holistic view of their organization which accelerates improvement.

What is the employee journey?

The essence of every employees’ journey is comprised of four distinct stages:

1.   Entry – first impressions formed during the starting days of employment

2.   Onboarding – Initial immersion into their new team environment and job responsibilities

3.   Ongoing – the day-to-day where an employee spends a majority of their career within an organization

4.   Exit – triggered by the employee’s departure from your organization

Great companies listen to their staff during these specific touchpoints and respond to their insights to create a more competitive workforce. Most companies understand the need to listen to their employees during the prominent ongoing stage by implementing the best practices of annual engagement surveys, employee pulse surveys, and performance reviews.

However – entry, onboarding and exit, all require special attention. Gathering feedback from new employees during their first days can provide warnings of potential issues that could jeopardize your investment in developing critical new talent. If your organization doesn’t have the capacity to understand and respond in real-time to these issues, you won’t be able to keep up in the war for talent.

How can companies listen better?

To help companies engage with their staff during these stages, Questback has launched Employee Touchpoint. Employee Touchpoint gives business leaders detailed insight into what their teams are thinking during every key lifecycle phase, helping leaders develop talent faster, and solve for newly discovered issues.

Employee Touchpoint works by employee feedback during entry, onboarding and exit stages. These insights are then delivered to managers through personalized, visual dashboards which help them quickly assess feedback in real-time and drive organizational change that truly matters to your people.

The solution delivers benefits in three key areas:

1.  New Employees Adding Value – Faster

By engaging with the feedback of new employees during their entry and onboarding phases, businesses can boost confidence and identify development opportunities earlier than before for their new hires.

2.  Win The War for Talent

Research shows that an employee’s experience during their first three months is critical in determining their long-term success. By listening to onboarding staff, you illustrate a commitment to the personal and professional success of your new team members.

3.  Improve the Effectiveness of Your Organization

Faster, well-informed decisions are at the heart of winning into today’s hypercompetitive marketplace. Too often teams only evaluate the operational data in their day-to-day as a means to increase organizational competitiveness. However, some of the most compelling data for organizations is often locked away inside of the unspoken, unorganized thoughts of their team members. By listening and organizing this feedback, companies can lead change that helps them retain talent, improve operational effectiveness, and grow their bottom-line.

To find out more about Employee Touchpoint and its benefits, watch our video.

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