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Best Practices of Customer Feedback

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Customer Experience
Best Practices of Customer Feedback

Darren Bosik is QuestBack’s passionate and endlessly curious methodologist. With more than 15 years experience in the data-into-insight business he has a ton of tips and knowledge about customer feedback to share.

What 3 key pieces of advice would you give companies to maximize customer and market feedback?

1.The first thing I’d advise is build online communities. These provide an invaluable forum for customer feedback about product innovation, brand messaging and new concepts.

2. Develop your own proprietary consumer panels. Quantitative surveys about customer experiences and the voice of the customer are easier and more efficient if you build your own panel and tap into it from time to time for consistent feedback.

3. Use mobile research. It’s the best way to gauge customer experiences soon after they happen and build a profile of how consumers interact with brands at the point of sale.

Why is it so important to optimize for mobile research?

Mobile devices provide valuable in-the-moment feedback from customers at the point of sale or just after the event, while it is still fresh. Feedback collected at the moment of the event like this is 40% more accurate and reliable than opinion gathered just 24 hours later. So Mobile surveys can provide a window into the true customer experience by collecting insights about why consumers choose one product or another and do it at that moment of truth when they are making a purchase.

What about customer feedback and social media?

Social media gives companies unsolicited, unstructured feedback that can be insanely valuable in building everything from customer relationships to advocacy to life-time loyalty. With the right tools brands can navigate through the millions of conversations occurring across social networks, to zero in on individual consumer sentiments — generating engagement and insight that can beat markets.

For people who don’t know anything about it, what is a “methodologist”?

It means being someone who enjoys challenging work that uses both sides of the brain. A methodologist needs to think and act strategically and analytically, but also be very creative in how to develop research programs and convey insights clearly through presentations, white papers and articles.

How has your experience in #MRX shaped your approach to enterprise feedback?

It’s important to know the right approach to take to turn results of customer feedback or market data and turn it into business intelligence that can move your company forward in terms of loyalty, competitive advantage and innovation.

Traditional market research methods, whether qualitative or quantitative, while still critical to the process of gathering feedback from customers, are all the more powerful when combined with unstructured data gathered from social networks.

In your opinion, what are the brands that nail Customer Experience?

Starbucks is probably the poster child because they were an early adopter of the new business model based on providing exceptional customer experiences and high-quality products. Also, supermarkets like Whole Foods and Trader Joes are reinventing the mundane task of grocery shopping through superior experiences that keep customers in the store longer and provide memorable occasions with each visit.


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