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How to Evaluate the ROI of Your Feedback Solution

Elias Axelsson Björklund
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How to Evaluate the ROI of Your Feedback Solution

Understanding how well your organisation performs regarding employee and customer satisfaction is crucial in today’s changing environment. A feedback solution can provide valuable insights into these areas, but it’s also essential to assess its return on investment (ROI). In this article, we will discuss how to effectively evaluate a feedback solution’s ROI.

Identifying Key Metrics for Evaluation

To accurately measure the success of your feedback solution, you need first to identify which metrics are most relevant for evaluating its performance. These might include:

  • Employee engagement levels (eNPS)
  • Customer satisfaction scores
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Retention rates (for both employees and customers)
  • Revenue growth tied directly or indirectly with improved experiences

By selecting appropriate metrics that align with your organisation’s goals, you’ll be able to measure better whether investing in a feedback solution would positively impact overall performance.

Assessing Cost Savings from Improved Processes

One aspect often overlooked when assessing a feedback solution’s ROI is identifying cost savings resulting from improvements made due to data gathered by it. For instance:

  • Reduced employee turnover leading to lower recruitment costs
  • Increased productivity through streamlined processes or more effective training programs informed by survey results
  • Lowered customer churn rate thanks to enhanced product offerings based on their input

Quantifying these cost savings helps demonstrate how using a robust platform like Questback leads to qualitative improvements and financial benefits.

Calculating Return On Investment

With identified key metrics and assessed cost savings, calculating your actual ROI becomes possible. To do so:

  1. Determine the total cost of implementing and maintaining your feedback solution, including subscription fees, training costs, and other associated expenses.
  2. Calculate the financial benefits derived from improvements tied to the feedback system (e.g., increased revenue or reduced operational costs).
  3. Divide the total financial benefits by the total cost of implementation.

ROI = (Total Financial Benefits / Total Cost) x 100

This calculation will provide you with a percentage value that represents your ROI on your feedback solution investment.

Calculating Return On feedback solution Investment

Continuously Monitor Performance

Remember that evaluating ROI should be an ongoing process rather than a one-time exercise. Regularly reviewing performance metrics helps ensure continuous improvement while allowing adjustments as needed to maximise impact. By keeping track of key indicators over time, you’ll gain deeper insights into how well your organisation is performing in relation to employee and customer satisfaction levels – enabling more informed decision-making across all aspects of business operations.

Conclusion; Feedback solution ROI

In conclusion, assessing a feedback solution’s return on investment (ROI) requires identifying relevant metrics for evaluation, quantifying potential cost savings resulting from improved processes due to gathered data, calculating actual ROI figures based on these inputs, and continuously monitoring performance over time. Questback’s platform provides organisations with tools necessary for collecting essential data and turning it into actionable insights leading towards smarter decisions – ensuring maximum value derived from their investments in employee and customer experience solutions.


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