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Customer Feedback Analytics: What You Need to Know

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Customer Experience
Customer Feedback Analytics: What You Need to Know

Gathering customer feedback is an essential part of measuring a business’s success, keeping ahead of the curve, and satisfying customers.

But analyzing that feedback is where the real improvement begins. Analyzing customer feedback data is valuable in delivering a better experience to your customers and stronger results for your business.

Here are a few things to look out for as you dig into customer feedback analytics.

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Customer Interests, Past Purchases and Engagement Preferences

Analyzing customer feedback data delivers insight on customers’ interests, past purchases and engagement preferences. This can be used to create a personalized purchasing experience – like customized product recommendations, for example. It can also be used for targeted marketing to make customized ad campaigns, special offers or promotions.

In some cases, looking at this data can even tell you when to back away from a customer before they become a detractor.

Scrutinize this data by region to customize the offerings, marketing, and merchandising of each business location.

Insight from customer feedback analytics helps you ensure that the right offers go to the right channels to drive higher customer satisfaction – and, ultimately, greater customer loyalty.

Feedback That Can Improve Your Products or Services

Important insights about your products and services can be found in every set of customer feedback. Within customer feedback data (such as purchase history and support history) are hidden details about what products customers are likely to want, the price they’re willing to pay, and what they think of their service experience.

Don’t just sit on that information. Act on it!

Pass it along to your product management team to enable them to improve your products and create smarter upsells. With it they can prioritize features for future products and create products that really resonate with buyers.

Pass this data along to your service delivery team to help them improve their service, develop new offerings and identify new customer needs.

Deliver this feedback to your customer service team as well. Empower them to mitigate service issues and further improve the customer experience.

Hidden Insights Caused by Siloed Data

Confining data in silos doesn’t do a company any good. To get the best customer insights out of your feedback data, you need a holistic view of every point of the customer’s buying journey.

Use a survey and feedback management system that can house data from different channels and departments – a tool that lets you explore the customer data in multiple ways. This is how you uncover hidden insights and trends you might not otherwise see.

Looking at customer feedback data holistically also helps you identify the root cause of issues. The customer service department might not know that the customer told the tech support department about a specific problem – but if all the data is in one place, that information is available company-wide to anyone analyzing customer feedback.

Training Opportunities

Analyzing customer feedback data can also help you identify knowledge gaps and deficiencies within your organization. Using that information, you can uncover employees who need further training and create programs and content to fill the gaps in their skill sets.

This will also help you to recognize certain teams and skill areas that would benefit from regular refresher courses.

Customer Feedback Only Helps When It’s Closely Analyzed

So you’re gathering customer feedback frequently and at every step in the buyer’s journey. That’s great! But then what are you doing with it? If it’s sitting in a spreadsheet somewhere, your company will not benefit.

Use customer feedback analytics to dig into your data with abandon. It will tell you so much about what your customers think, how your company is performing, and what you can do to improve the customer experience.

Make sure you have the right tools in place to make customer feedback analytics work for you.

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