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5 Hacks for Analyzing Customer Survey Results

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Customer Experience
5 Hacks for Analyzing Customer Survey Results

Collecting data on customer experience is the easy bit. Analyzing customer survey results and putting data into action is the real challenge. Here are 5 hacks that you can implement to help you not only get more from but do more with, your customer data.

There’s no disputing the incredible value that Voice of the Customer programs delivers. It’s a complete gold mine of data that you can use to grow your business, streamline operations, improve the customer experience, and drive retention or loyalty programs.

Collecting data on customer experience is the easy part.

What’s more challenging is taking that data and actually analyzing it so it can make an impact on the business. Use these 5 hacks to help you analyze and work from your sales surveys results.

Hack #1: Get Clear on What You’re Trying to Measure

Being able to analyze your results and drive action starts with having a clear idea of what you’re trying to measure. There’s so substitute for specificity, so take ample time up-front to determine the data you’re looking for.

With a hypothesis in mind, you can then design the right survey questions to ask. For example, if you’re focused on a marketing campaign for a specific age group and getting feedback on the customer experience around it, then measure based on those parameters.

Don’t muddy the waters by gathering data from individuals or groups that aren’t part of what you need to note. That focus will make that data more valuable and ultimately, more impactful.

Hack #2: Make the Data Digestible

Aside from the person analyzing the actual data, no one on your team should be wading through reams of data or multiple tabs on Excel spreadsheets.

To make the data meaningful, make it digestible with live charts, automated reports and other smart analytics. This may be a dashboard like MySight (the most flexible dashboard ever) or another reporting tool, but don’t expect anyone to want to dig into the details. Keep in mind that you can always provide more detail, but drowning people in data makes it more likely they’re not going to put what you’ve learned into action. So make sure your reporting and analytics tool can is capable of summarizing key findings and critical correlations for the non-research experts in your business. Meaningful data is understandable data.

Hack #3: Create an Action Plan

Based on your analysis, it’s not enough to report on the data. Next, you need to create an action plan so there are clear next steps.

Your action plan should identify improvements and specific tasks that need to be taken, along with a timeline. As much as possible, anticipate the possible actions coming out of your survey results before you actually start.

With customer experience data, it’s essential that you’re willing to put what you find in action. Nothing breaches customer confidence more than identifying issues which consistently go unresolved. Closing the loop is key to your brand’s reputation.

Hack #4: Define Areas of Responsibility

Never let your customer data go to waste! Indeed data has been called the ‘new oil’ for a good reason. With your customer experience program and associated data assign areas of responsibility to individuals, teams or entire departments before you collect data, and then once results are analyzed.

The larger your enterprise, the more important this becomes as survey findings and next steps can easily slip through the cracks. Sales may assume customer care has it handled and customer care has decided marketing needs to take care of what needs to happen.

Consider creating a CX working group that brings together all departments so there’s an open line of communication and defined ownership for each group.


Hack #5: Watch for Emerging Issues and Patterns

When you’re analyzing customer results there’s always going to be things that take your team by surprise. Some of them may warrant immediate action, but many will require you to monitor the pattern over time.

Be open to these emerging issues, as these often are the most valuable and insightful findings that can help to identify your CX blindspots. Consider including these areas on future surveys or creating an opportunity to drill down more on this issue.


Collecting customer experience feedback is a must for any business.

But more than that, analyzing the data and acting on it, to either capitalize on your advantage or resolve lurking problems, is critical to your competitive advantage.

Today’s customers have so much choice that what often makes the difference is how much they like the experience and brand behind the product. Your ultimate goal, to put it quite simply is to deliver customer amazement and you need focused feedback and reliable data rather than guesswork or chance to take you there.

We’ve shown you 5 different things that you can do in terms of data analysis and follow up to get ahead of the game. Taking the time to analyze your customer survey results and creating a clear plan will help you improve everything from customer service to product design and delivery to sales opportunities and more.

Even if you implement just a few of these activities and if you give it a bit of time, you will see increased loyalty, engagement, and sales. We know because we’ve helped thousands of companies make this happen. Now it’s your turn.

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