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Nicola Thomas

Meet Nicola Thomas, an expert in insight gathering to inform behavioural change and organisational transformation. Since her PhD, awarded in 2005, Nicola has become a trusted authority on how to build robust insight tools and programmes to drive significant change for a range of stakeholders, including employees, leaders, and customers.

Through her writing, Nicola helps organisations understand the importance of EX and CX in today’s highly competitive business environment. Her books, articles and guides provide practical advice on designing, developing, delivering, and evaluating insight-led strategies that improve engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty among employees and customers alike.

As a systems thinker and insight-led change maker, Nicola deeply understands the complexity of creating a successful EX and CX programme. Given her expertise, Nicola is a sought-after consultant and collaborator. As a former academic and insight practitioner, Nicola has many clients, from startups to multinationals.

Whether you want to enhance your company’s EX and CX initiatives or learn more about these essential topics, Nicola’s expertise and guidance can help you achieve your goals. Trust in her proven track record of success and let her guide you towards creating exceptional experiences that drive sustainable business growth and success.

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SoMe: LinkedIn

Current employment: Consultant Behavioural and Instructional Designer

Former employer: Associate Professor in Marketing at De Montfort University

Research: Google Scholar


University of Queensland, Australia

Doctor of Philosophy

1999 – 2005

Awarded: Full International Scholarship

University of Newcastle,

Bachelor of Science, First Class Award

1994 – 1997

Awarded: “Most Outstanding” Dissertation Prize


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