Command or coach? Lead or empower? How an agile leader chooses the right course for business survival and growth.

Accelerating digital transformation will force new leadership models. Ultimately, leaders have to lead. Digitalization won’t change that. It’s the way they lead that needs to change if organizations are to take full advantage of the modern tools and fresh talents at their disposal.


Agile teams are empowered to take many of the decisions that leaders once made. How do businesses and their leaders move from a culture of command and control to one of coaching and empowerment? 
Our own research (2017) shows a growing gap between leaders and employees in the digital age. How do leaders need to evolve to engage and enthuse the digital natives, digital nomads and millennials that already make up a large part of the workforce? A sneak preview: Feedback on a regular basis is an important success factor.


Tune in to the latest in this series of ‘Future of Work’ webinar video to find out more about how an agile leader chooses the right course for business survival and growth  – by establishing a continuous dialogue with the help of innovative tools.


Watch this video to learn:

  • Why leadership needs to change – now
  • Why culture is possibly the only thing that leaders need to focus on
  • Why leaders need to be ready to tell a lot less and listen a lot more
  • How innovative tools can help to establish a continuous dialogue



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Agile teams call for agile leaders