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Picture Questback Leadership 360 Solution SheetFeedback is critical to developing high-performing leaders. It highlights individual progress, identifies areas for improvement, uncovers blind spots in skills and measures training effectiveness. However, traditional 360-degree methods of collecting leadership feedback are resource and time-intensive, meaning that HR teams have to prioritize their activities on a narrow group of higher-level executives. 

At the same time, employees want to develop; fail to invest in their careers and they’ll simply leave, increasing skills shortages and holding back transformation. Old-style approaches may suit hierarchical organizations, but simply don’t deliver in today’s dispersed, project-based businesses as they embrace modern ways of working. 


Questback Leadership 360 brings the power of 360-degree feedback to leaders at all levels. Questback Leadership 360 is a powerful, self-service multi-rater tool that enables manager-driven, on-demand feedback.


Available in Basic and Enterprise Editions, it has been developed through Questback’s proven experience in helping businesses transform their results by acting on feedback insight.

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