Questback IQFrom data to insights with Questback IQ

  • Prioritise actions with Top/Bottom Analysis
  • Set expectations with Livereport Targets
  • Visually illustrate outcomes with Heatmaps
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Step up your analysis

Unlock insights from your data like never before! With Questback IQ, we empower you to seamlessly convert data into meaningful and actionable insights. Say goodbye to manual analysis and hours spent crunching complex datasets.

Embrace the power of insights and unlock the true potential of your data with our smart package of functionality.​

Questback IQ is ...

Top / Bottom Analysis

  • Easily prioritise action areas by listing the questions with the highest, or lowest, average score.


  • Give context to you averages by comparing results from multiple questions and groups simultaneously.

Livereport targets

  • Define targets or benchmarks for your questions to ensure you have something to work towards.

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