Webinar | The Gig Economy - Who Cares Wins

Crosstalk Series 1 - The Changing Relationship Between Employees and Employers

Episode 1 - The Gig Economy - Who Cares Wins

The gig economy is radically transforming the workplace – and disrupting your HR strategy. How can your brand become a magnet that attracts the best talent back, time after time? What is the impact on culture when people are with you for shorter periods of time and come and go more frequently? Is there anything you can do to engage with giggers or are they simply focused on themselves?

In this first season of Crosstalk we cover the changing relationship between employees and employers, bringing you expert analysis to guide future strategy.

Watch this Questback Crosstalk to find out:

  • What the gig economy means to your business, and your people
  • How you can attract talent, drive innovation and engagement in the new workplace
  • How technology can be part of the gig economy engagement solution, not just the source of the problem 


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