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Gain advantage, inside and outside the organization.

Imagine all the people in your organization working in the same direction, aligning around the same goal of excellent customer experience, and delivering competitive differentiation, cycle after cycle. With QuestBack you can.

QuestBack gives you the software and support to run your company at its most profitable- because decisions are informed by real-time data and analysis, strategies are led by meaningful insight and the resulting focus is turning inefficiencies into advantages, and weak touchpoints into gaps where innovation and competitive edge can happen.

To compete at their top potential businesses need the means to realize a one-company approach to operational and strategic goals. And that's what our analytics and visualization and easy-distribution reporting tools are designed for.

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questback big data competitive aside

Forward-looking feedback.

Whether you need to identify and mobilize strategic assets or need to increase short term revenues by creating marketing and sales campaigns you know will work on even the shortest turnaround QuestBack solutions have you covered. And unlike traditional feedback vendors our approach data collection isn't all hindsight and reaction but it's about feeding forward insights, performing predictive analysis, and implementing your insights today to realize operational improvements tomorrow. Our solutions help companies identify the new customer space- or moment or touch-point where innovation can flourish and sustainable advantage can take off, and to do so long before the competition. And just as importantly along with the tools we provide the support and expertise to ensure you apply the learning and transform existing and future campaigns.

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Increase profitability of your core operations.

Realizing increased operative efficiency is an imperative for business of all sizes and industries. We deliver a complete feedback system to monitor your business holistically and use the insight to optimize your operations, with functionality including:

  • Private communities synced with social media.
  • Branded communities with full social functionality.
  • Targeted surveys to communities with advanced and sophisticated feature sets.
  • Reporting that creates transparency and alignment between departments, front-line staff and top management
questback enterprise aside

A unified view.

QuestBack enables you to identify organizational problems such as productivity lag or operational waste when and where (or before) they emerge and occur. Gain a single view of survey results and respondent data and run descriptive analytics to see things from new angles. With our easy sampling, profiling, data aggregation, and visualized push reporting the right metrics are finally visible to the right people and at the right time - making fact-based, collaborative decision-making the norm and not the exception.

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events feedback microsoft case study


Microsoft: Evaluating events

Using QuestBack Microsoft collected and implemented participant feedback gaining more valuable insight from company events.

customer satisfaction nespresso case study


Nespresso: Satisfying customers

Nespresso is using QuestBack to create more real-time satisfaction and more lifetime value.

employee feedback ernst and young case-study


Ernst & Young: Knowing employees

Using QuestBack Ernst & Young gets valuable feedback on employment processes and regular monitoring of employee opinion - all year round.

Ernst & Young
customer satisfaction swiss case study


Swiss: The continuous online survey

Using QuestBack, SWISS runs a continuous online passenger survey, monitoring customer experience at 15 touch points - and it's making a strategic difference.

customer suvey volvo case study


Volvo: Test driving satisfaction

"Using QuestBack, we are able to get a clearer view of the customers experience on the whole sales process from the initial test drive request to making the final sale."

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Invest in what you know will work.

QuestBack survey and feedback tools enable you to answer your market intelligence questions cost effectively, pro-actively and can inform how you deliver your products and services to customers in smarter ways through timeliness and location, helping to increase customer share and loyalty for your brand. We also help you use your feedback to create new opportunities. For example our data hub lets you combine social data with survey responses and opening up new ways to see and talk to your customers.

Examine your tracking data to discover your company’s biggest strengths and weaknesses. For example your biggest point of difference might be something you take for granted, but using QuestBack not only helps you identify that potential advantage but gives you opportunity to create a rich and meaningful campaigns around it.

Or look at your purchase data to find the key differences or trends that will take your next marketing campaign to the next level – because it stems directly from truth revealed by the people who buy your product.

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Actionable Reporting.

Although robust enough for advance power-users and research nerds alike, QuestBack analytics are designed to also cater for busy managers who simply need great insights fast without fiddling with reports, analyzing complicated data-sets or having to hire expensive outside agencies. Automated functionality lets you understand more research in less time and gives you the real-time answers in a single view, allowing you to focus your efforts on improving performance - not sorting through answers.

  • Link reports and alerts to key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Get overview needed to negotiate better supply chain contract
  • Uncover and address hidden inefficiencies along your value chain
  • Identify business losing or wining behaviours as soon as, or before, they occur.
  • Detect and address rising inventory costs and push alerts to relevant departments for immediate and meaningful response.
  • Identify up-selling and cross selling opportunities and push 'hot' alerts to your sales team.

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questback survey based lead generation aside

Better decision-making - by everyone.

Using all the insight and resources you have as a company in focused innovative ways is the key to gaining advantage – in crowded, competitive markets. QuestBack enables you to unify the collective intelligence of your whole company, and make the kind of smart decisions that boost margins and drive efficiencies. As departments problem solve and innovate faster improvements to products and services go to your customers.

Action your feedback to get ahead and create common goal alignments up, down and across the organization. Then, use your data to define drivers across departments and roles and deliver optimal brand experience in a unified, highly competitive way.

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Run smoother, smarter business operations.

Reinvent not only the business model but also the management model. You can use QuestBack to reduce low-yield activities across your operational processes. Coordinate better decision making across silos with push reports and improve the running of your core operation. Roll out customer branded, communities with very short release times, and even shorter time-to-results. Suddenly you'll have overview to make improvements you know will take your company to the next level.

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questbacks actionable analytics


Sync surveys to social media, collect and structure unsolicited data, nurture leads and fans, and feed the right content to the right customer.

questback business data integration


QuestBack automated analytics empower you to understand what your data is telling you, better predict behaviors, stay ahead of the market & implement ROI-transforming follow-up.

questback surveys actionable insights


QuestBack datahub and panels facilitate unparalleled connection and follow up with the people who matter the most to your business: your customers and employees.

questback business data integration


Exchange data seamlessly between your existing CRM, ERP and social media to get a complete 360 view of your customers and employees.


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