Get ahead in any industry, in any market, against any competition.

Questback enables companies to collect real-time feedback from all customer and employee touchpoints and implement it for long-term loyalty, growth and profitability.

The customer and employee insight you need.

Questback feedback solutions enable companies to improve business processes, deliver smarter customer and employee experiences, and creative long-term advantage as a result. Whether it’s a big, end-to-end feedback platform for a large enterprise, or a DIY survey project for a smaller business, or department within a large organization, Questback is the one stop feedback shop.

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Mobile-ready surveys.

Questback is the only vendor in the market with a “mobile first” survey approach, meaning all our surveys and communities are optimized for mobile and tablet, ensuring you get faster, more meaningful feedback and much higher response rates. With the help of QR codes you can reach the right people, at the right moment and at the right place. If it doesn't beautifully and automatically adjust for optimal viewing on any device from iPhone, to tablet to laptop it's not a Questback survey.

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We are where you are.

Our customers work in all time-zones, come with diverse cultural and lingual expectations, and require personal and localized service. So, that's what we do- in 50 countries.

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Complex hierarchies made simple

Don’t let your corporate structure get in the way of listening to your people. The Questback Orbit module lets your reach the right people – fast. Create highly complex hierarchical structures, using flat participant lists from existing business systems, in just a few simple clicks. Whether it is reporting lines within your organization, or demographics within customer data and market research samples, Orbit does this in minutes, not weeks. The result? You can target exactly the right people and parts of your audience in order to find out what matters most to your business.

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Give people a place to talk

People want to talk – now you can give them a place where it is easy for them to listen., Questback's Portals are dynamic online community feedback platforms, accessible through whatever device people feel comfortable with, be it PC, tablet or smartphone. A gateway to the world of feedback, Portals are simple to set up and easy to use through an engaging app. 

Smarter surveys (no monkey business).

Questback surveys allow you to collect faster and more accurate real-time data, from a wider variety of respondents and touchpoints, and to understand it immediately with advanced automated analytics. And we make things effective as well as easy: with intuitive design, social integration, mobile first technology, intelligent routing as well as role management and push notifications for fast follow-up you always get the insight you need to stay ahead, delivering ever smarter customer, employee and brand experience.

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employee feedback ernst and young case-study


Ernst & Young: Knowing employees

Using Questback Ernst & Young gets valuable feedback on employment processes and regular monitoring of employee opinion - all year round.

Ernst & Young
customer satisfaction swiss case study


Swiss: The continuous online survey

Using Questback, SWISS runs a continuous online passenger survey, monitoring customer experience at 15 touch points - and it's making a strategic difference.

customer suvey volvo case study


Volvo: Test driving satisfaction

"Using Questback, we are able to get a clearer view of the customers experience on the whole sales process from the initial test drive request to making the final sale."

customer satisfaction nespresso case study


Nespresso: Satisfying customers

Nespresso is using Questback to create more real-time satisfaction and more lifetime value.

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Online Panels and Communities.

Recruit your audience, develop research samples, and get reliable user feedback with our state of art panel and community solution. As well as participating in surveys, community members can start conversations in forums and chats, post and comment on blogs, rate feedback from other community members and give you insight to create everything from faster time to market, increased sales per customer or smarter product development decisions - whatever you need to get ahead.

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Multi-channel insight

Your company does business on multiple channels so your feedback systems need to be multichannel too. Questback makes it easy with mobile first technology to automatically collect data from every channel and store it all in one place. And, our open API means Questback solutions integrate seamlessly with the CRM (and other data systems) you already use and love.

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Actionable analytics.

Questback not only helps you collect feedback, but most importantly to act on it. It's not all about "research nerd-ery" creating beautiful reports that no-one reads but it's about what you do with your answers. Our analytics and automated reporting accelerates the time taken to extract insight from feedback and convert it into action for competitive advantage. Our solutions and services help you process multi-touchpoint feedback in real-time, share it easily and quickly with key decision makers, and gain the agility to create the shifts and real-time improvements that move businesses forward.

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Event driven feedback.

Critical to feedback is timing. Gartner concludes that feedback collected immediately after an event is 40% more accurate than feedback collected 24 hours after the event.

Questback survey and feedback tools let you collect customer and employee responses, right after an interaction or event – or even while the customer is still in your store or using your service. Not only is the feedback 'fresher' and more accurate when it is event-driven, but the response rates many times higher.

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We work with you, collaboratively, to create value.

Our customers operate in all time-zones, come with diverse cultural and lingual expectations, and expect accurate, timely, world-class support. And that’s what our Customer Success Team delivers.

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Locked down security.

Questback takes data security very seriously. Our ISO certified cloud environment keeps your data safe, secure and accessible only by you.

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What's next?

Our commitment to innovation and our client’s evolving needs, means we’re always thinking ahead and asking what's next? We listen actively: to customers, partners, employees, advances in technology and to the competitive landscape –in order to constantly update our software – and our thinking, ensuring you keep ahead of the game. Stay tuned!

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questbacks actionable analytics


Sync surveys to social media, collect and structure unsolicited data, nurture leads and fans, and feed the right content to the right customer.

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questback business data integration


Questback automated analytics empower you to understand what your data is telling you, better predict behaviors, stay ahead of the market & implement ROI-transforming follow-up.

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questback surveys actionable insights


Questback datahub and panels facilitate unparalleled connection and follow up with the people who matter the most to your business: your customers and employees.

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questback business data integration


Exchange data seamlessly between your existing CRM, ERP and social media to get a complete 360 view of your customers and employees.

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