Manage Your ESG Risk

Deliver successful ESG risk management in your business

Businesses today operate in the spotlight of growing consumer and regulatory scrutiny. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risk management initiatives are critical to protecting reputation and ensuring long-term loyalty from consumers, staff and investors.

Key ESG Issues that affect performance across all operations

Accelerate ESG performance through employee feedback
  • Operational Risk Accidents/Pollution/Failed Products/Fines, Health, Safety
  • Supply Chain Risk Child Labour, Sourcing of Natural Resources, Severe Weather
  • Product Risk Poisonous Chemicals, Recalls/Consumer Boycotts, Corporate Governance

72% of investors believe metrics on non-financial risk are vital


Over the past years, it has been proven that companies with top performance on ESG factors adds alpha to company value and are subject to premium valuations in the market…

Accelerate ESG performance through employee feedback

Questback’s ESG Pulse ensures ESG risk assessment is at the heart of your operations

It lowers risk and safeguards your organisation by embedding ESG risk management systems across your culture. An always-on, online portal, it makes it simple for your people to give feedback on ESG objectives, delivering real-time ESG risk assessment insight. ESG Pulse:

  • Improves business performance
  • Safeguards your organisation against unexpected ESG risk
  • Strengthens attractiveness for investors
  • Transforms ESG programme efficiency
  • Empowers and involves employees in achieving ESG objectives
  • Encourages the attraction and retention of top talent
… we strongly believe that, now and in the future, winning companies will be the ones who are able to measure, track and follow-up the opportunities and risks of ESG…


  • Easy to use, accessible from any device
  • Simple to manage
  • Full audit trail across all ESG activities
Online Portal

Online Portal

Always-on online portal

Ease of Use

Real-Time Dashboards

Real-time dashboard reporting, tailored to the needs of business managers, HR and investors

Tailored Questions

Tailored Questions

Personalised questions to meet your individual ESG requirements

Whistleblowing Management

Whistleblowing Management

Capture, investigate and safely manage concerns

…ESG Pulse provides us with unique insight into material factors that are important for value creation and profitable operations in our portfolio companies. NARVE REITEN, Founding Partner, Reiten & Co

See how ESG Pulse can help you drive better ESG performance by listening to your people.

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