Customer Retention Matters

Whatever your industry, your customers are always expecting more. In an environment that is increasingly social, digital and responsive, customer loyalty cannot be taken for granted. Communicating with your customers has never been easier – but at the same time it is equally simple for rivals to target them. Customer retention is critical to success.

Retention begins by listening to your customers and taking action. It focuses on three key factors:

  • Sustain or Strengthen Customer Satisfaction – Consumer complaints are make or break moments in all customer relationships. How you solve problems or respond to feedback shows how much you value each customer relationship, directly impacting satisfaction. 
  • Increase New Business – Showing that you value your customers, listening to them and acting on their feedback turns satisfied customers into brand advocates, increasing referrals and new sales. Improving customer satisfaction therefore directly drives higher revenues. 
  • Keep Customer Business – It is six times cheaper to retain a customer compared to winning a new prospect. Inadequate service has a direct impact on retention – 79% of consumers would move to a rival within a week of experiencing poor customer service.

The complexity of business today means that every company has to be ready for negative feedback or service problems. Questback’s Customer Retention solution helps you address these problems head on, and turn negatives into positives, supporting ongoing engagement and action.   

higher revenue from customers that offer referrals


Built for Success 

Finding the insights that deliver real value amongst huge volumes of feedback data can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. How do you know when a complaint is critical, constructive or demonstrates a bigger issue? How should you prioritise your response?

Questback Customer Retention is purpose-built customer satisfaction software that closes the loop between insight and action. It gives you the ability to listen to anytime feedback whenever customers want to proactively share their views and experiences as well as automatically gathering regular feedback through pulse and heartbeat surveys. By collecting continuous feedback through these customer satisfaction tools, you can measure on-going customer relationships, boosting customer retention.

Built for Results

Questback’s continuous feedback model means businesses can dramatically shorten response times for critical issues. Its immediate response notification system:

  • Delivers real-time hot alerts of incidents 
  • Prioritises issues based upon importance
  • Highlights recommended corrective actions
  • Understands the full impact through post-event surveys

If you want their loyalty customers expect you to listen when they provide feedback, act quickly and close the loop. Meet their expectations with Questback’s Customer Retention software.