Innovation Starts with Your Customers

Companies need to look forward if they want to survive. Business as usual isn’t an option in today’s fast changing world. Every industry is being transformed through greater competition and disruptive new players. Listening to your customers unlocks innovation. By creating an open dialogue and encouraging new ideas, together you can create innovative products and services that meet your customers’ future demands.

A two way conversation
A two way conversation

Listening to your customers is central to success, but less than a third of businesses incorporate their feedback into product innovation processes. No wonder that 85% of new products fail. Establish an open dialogue to capture customer insights to drive future product success. 

Innovate constantly
Innovate constantly

Two-thirds of companies will fail within ten years; 16% only last a generation. A satisfied customer today doesn’t necessarily make for a satisfied customer tomorrow. Companies need to evolve along with their customers or risk getting left behind.

Innovation is Central to Growth, but Harnessing it is not Easy

Predicting the future is impossible, but you can gain critical insight into the changing needs, desires and views of your customers to uncover new opportunities for growth.

Questback Can Help

Only 29% Of Companies Incorporate Customer Ideas Into New Product Innovation


Ideas That Matter

At the heart of building an innovation culture is giving customers a place where they can share their ideas. Previously these community platforms have been time-consuming, expensive and complex to create, manage and run. Questback’s Customer Innovation makes it simple. Build ‘pop-up’ communities in minutes by automatically inviting customers based on their feedback and experiences.

With Questback it is easy to listen to your customers’ ideas, giving you the answers you need in a quick, efficient way.

Start Listening

Transforming Ideas into Innovation that Deliver Results

There’s often a disconnect between community innovation platforms and other customer feedback systems. This makes it difficult to understand the impact and relevance of individual contributors and their ideas.

Questback makes it easy to blend the qualitative with the quantitative, such as data from surveys and quick polls, letting you pinpoint the contributions that are most vital to your business growth.