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Unlock market research insight faster.

Market research is changing fast. Clients are demanding more from their agencies, reaching audiences is becoming harder and costs are rising. To succeed, agencies need to focus on their value-add – the commentary and insight they provide, delivered quickly and efficiently.

Questback’s market research software helps you differentiate yourself in this crowded marketplace.

Questback for market research

Unified solution
Unified solution

Single market research solution covering all research types which expands and scales to meet your needs

Security first
Security first

Built from the ground up to ensure confidentiality, meeting the highest privacy standards 

Future-proof partnership
Future-proof partnership

Flexible personalized market research platform for your innovation, delivered by partners that work with you


Simple to integrate with existing systems, automating common workflows to drive efficiency


Automate routine tasks and eliminate the time and cost of survey scripting

Uncover insight
Uncover insight

Powerful reporting built-in with interactive, graphical dashboards that support better decision-making

Do you have the tools to deliver deeper insight to your clients?

Built for Research


Give your audiences the platform to speak their minds.

  • Optimized for market research online communities (MROCs) 
  • Supports dynamic, “pop-up” communities
  • Easily cross-reference with quantitative data
  • Powerful interactive reporting to drive deeper insight


Quickly turn statistics into solutions.

  • Launch complex quantitative research in hours rather than days
  • Mobile-first, responsive design
  • Simple forms to gamified, multilingual surveys
  • Automated administration to maximize efficiency

A complete and scalable solution

Our open, flexible technology provides a complete market research solution for all areas of market research, from panels to “pop-up” communities. Launch research faster and more efficiently while bringing down costs through automation. Innovate with our scalable technology. Engage respondents with mobile-first surveys and apps. 

  • Responsive surveys
  • Collect feedback based on location
  • Event-triggered surveys through smartphone apps
  • Easy to use, deploy and analyze
  • Market-leading content management and sampling
  • Panelist recruitment and rewards tools
  • Deliver ongoing insight to your clients
  • Reach and engage the right people quickly

The Questback Feedback Platform

We know that every market research agency has different needs. That’s why we created the Questback Feedback Platform. It provides all the components to build tailored feedback solutions to your specific requirements, enabling efficiency, innovation and business differentiation. Our experienced professional services team works with you to create the perfect solution for your needs – now and in the future.

By dealing with the technology challenges surrounding modern feedback management, agencies have more time to dedicate to adding value to the data collection methodology and the insights delivered to the end client.

Whether you are a senior executive, manager, market research expert or data analyst, the Feedback Platform is easy to personalize to your needs. Find out through our interactive infographic.


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