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Admit it, these are exciting times. How we connect and interact with one another continues to transform right before our very eyes. Take social media, our social circle is no longer determined by how many people we can squeeze around the dinner table, but to how many people, often spanning cultures and continents, we care to invite to be our friends. Productivity tools and collaborative workplace technologies on-tap mean that the office is no longer just a physical one, but a virtual one too.


Feedback is a two-way street.

At Questback, we believe in the power of people. Their insight can be the difference between ‘mediocre’ and ‘fantastic.’ Our mission is simple, bring insights to the surface. Feedback is a two-way street whereby giving and receiving feedback; we continuously improve as businesses, teams, and individuals.


Feedback is for the masses, not the few. 

Being on a mission to democratizing feedback might be one tall order for one so small we know. However, like a beautiful boutique, we’re different, full of personality and ambition, and it’s also why we’ve teamed up with some of the biggest names in town. That way we can bring you, on your turf and terms, the very best that insight has to offer. With our ecosystem of valued partners, we’re bigger and better than the sum of our parts (not to mention the rest). And, that’s what sets Questback apart from others.


Jump onboard and join the feedback revolution with us.




Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Flying high with Academic Edition


With AWS we’re strengthening our foothold in the realm of academia, where we’ve been helping students and professors around the world since Questback started.


What gives us the edge with AWS, is that we’re able to get our easy to use, but mighty DIY survey and research platform into the hands of all students, professors and researchers the world over, at the click of a button.


Together, we enable academics to tackle any given number of complex and quantitative research projects quickly and easily. More info here.


Want to get going TODAY? It’s easy.


Whether you’re a student or a professor, get going with Academic Edition.

Download from the AWS Marketplace today.





At the Hertie School of Governance we use Academic Edition for our academic research, intensively, and especially for complex projects, the survey software shows its strengths. There is no alternative solution for us. Professor Dr. G. Hammerschmid





Customer insight made easy with embedded feedback


As consumers and businesses, we’re all demanding richer and more personalized experiences from brands, and when we don’t get it, we often waste no time in finding someone who can provide it for us.


We’ve found our perfect pairing with IBM, and like all good relationships, we complement each other. IBM Watson campaign management brings the brains (in other words the audiences), and we bring the brawn (that’s our sophisticated survey tool).


Together we take the pain and time out of gathering customer insight, meaning that all IBM Watson Campaign Management customers can be much more nimble and agile in the way they collect and analyze customer, market or employee insight.


Already knee deep in IBM Watson Campaign Management and want to get going TODAY? Couldn’t be simpler.


Want to test customer attitudes or research the market in a flash? 

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The integration of ICA Watson Campaign Automation and the Questback Enterprise Feedback Suite utilizing the UBX app will automate and streamline ICAs customer facing feedback processes. This will make feedback an integrated part of the ICA campaign management and ensures high scalability and data quality. IBM





Smarter teams make smarter business with Qubie for Microsoft Teams


What does the team look like today? Bet it’s not ‘sitting’ in one office, more likely team members are scattered all over the place, in different towns and cities.


When team players can’t share their thoughts and ideas effectively, the performance and mood of the whole team suffer.


Luckily, with Microsoft Teams, and in Qubie, we’ve made our aha moment a reality. Qubie puts feedback and insights into the hands of teams 24/7, from weekly vibes to team performance diagnostics on demand. Qubie is there to listen, learn and guide teams to be the very best can be. More info here.


Already collaborating inside Microsoft Teams? Fab.



Already collaborating inside Microsoft Teams and want to create the ultimate dream team?

Download Qubie for FREE today.



In a rapidly changing working environment where teams and leadership are agile, collaboration is the MO of modern business. Qubie is a new alternative to traditional ways of gathering insights and feedback. Microsoft Teams customers have the opportunity to gain crucial insights into how effectively they’re performing as a team and how they can improve as they work and collaborate on our platform. Microsoft’s Mike Ammerlaan, Director, Office 365 Ecosystem





Supercharge your sales with Salespulse


Getting any organization to the next level starts with having a motivated and switched-on sales team that instinctively gets their customers pain points and knows how to respond to their unique needs promptly.


We’re on a mission with Salesforce to power sales teams with the tools they need to close more deals. Salespulse, our native app for Salesforce, arms sales leaders and their teams with the feedback and insight they need to optimize each start of the buyer’s journey to close more deals. More info here.


So, you’re a Salesforce aficionado? Music to our ears.

Develop sales superstars 

Learn how our sales performance software can pinpoint your team’s strengths and improve their weaknesses.

Download the Salespulse App today for FREE.



Companies are looking to transform the way they connect with customers, partners, and employees to thrive in the age of the customer. By leveraging the power of the Salesforce App Cloud, Questback provides customers with an exciting new way to gain insight into their sales performance and sales processes. Kori O’Brien, Senior Vice President, Application Innovation Partner Sales



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