People Matter. Customer Insight Drives Success.

Customers are increasingly demanding more – and your competitors are eager to provide what they want at your expense.

Companies simply can’t grow without a positive and consistent customer experience.


The Questback CUSTOMER feedback platform helps your organization

Build customer loyalty

Build customer loyalty

Listen to your customers feedback to remove their pain points and build upon your strengths.

Reduce churn

Reduce churn

Real-time alerts notify key people within your organization whenever a customer has a poor experience.

Increase top-line growth

Increase top-line growth

Everyone knows it’s more expensive to get new customers than keep the ones you already have.

Discover how

of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated


Do you have the right tools?

Our customer insight tools are designed to create engagement, capture customer insight, help you meet your Net Promoter Score (NPS) and CSAT targets and facilitate change.

  • Identify problems before they become severe
  • Ensure you meet customer needs
  • Reveal new opportunities for growth
  • Protect your revenues and unlock innovation

Your Customers are talking.

You should listen to them.

Questback addresses the entire customer journey, automatically collecting feedback at key touchpoints and giving you valuable insights into what drives satisfaction and delights.

Are you listening? Questback’s customer feedback management software can help.

  • Uncover what drives customer satisfaction
  • Take action in real-time to reduce complaints
  • Track NPS for each specific touchpoint
  • Easily integrate touchpoints from apps to store fronts