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Consumer power has never been greater in the hospitality and travel industries. Through comparison sites and aggregators, consumers now have access to a world of choice. When they spend their money they are more demanding than ever, while sharing feedback has never been easier through review sites and social media. Companies therefore rely even more on their frontline employees to provide a consistent and effective level of service to consumers.

So keeping them engaged, involved and retaining their skills is critical to your success.

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Questback provides solutions that let you listen and act quickly on customer and employee insight to improve experience and drive long-term success.

Use feedback to improve employee engagement for higher retention, greater productivity, better customer experiences and higher brand loyalty.

Successfully deal with any issues at that moment of truth for the customer through early warning alerts and tools to engage quickly and effectively, helping nip problems in the bud.

Turn your strongest critics into your most passionate advocates.

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Build Employee And Customer Trust And Grow Your Bottom Line With Questback

The Questback Customer Satisfaction Survey Program helps SWISS to make investments where they will have the biggest positive impact on Customer Experience. SWISS
Not only is the Questback platform extremely powerful, it’s also very flexible and scalable, meaning we knew it could turn our innovative ideas into a reality. Painted Dog Research

Built on Questback, the Customer Satisfaction Survey Program helps SWISS to improve its customer experience.

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