Businesses today increasingly rely on feedback data from customers, employees and the market to drive decision making. However turning these increasing volumes of data into actionable insight is difficult and time consuming. Existing reporting tools are complex to set up, difficult to use, and often fail to link data across the enterprise. To meet this need for richer, more intuitive, interactive real-time reporting Questback, the global leader in enterprise feedback management (EFM), has launched the MySight dashboard.

MySight makes it faster to connect, analyse and share feedback data, link it to enterprise systems and measure against business KPIs. A dynamic, interactive, easy to use and completely flexible reporting dashboard, it empowers better business decisions by making it faster to turn data into insight, ensuring it is easier to share, visualise and report it across the organisation.

MySight is made up of two core components. Designed specifically for feedback data, MySight DataFlow™ automatically extracts, transforms and loads data from any specified source, enabling businesses to bring together customer experience, employee performance, product, sales, HR, marketing and market research data all a single place. By automating the process it reduces the time, cost and complexity of taking data and making it usable.

The mobile-first MySight dashboard then allows managers to visualise and explore this data to create unique, customisable, interactive reports. It empowers teams, enabling organisations to combine data from different feedback initiatives, such as Voice of the Employee, Voice of the Customer, and employee engagement initiatives.By creating a strong link between soft measurements, such as customer or employee sentiment, and hard metrics from vital business systems, MySight provides a clear picture of overall organisational performance.

“MySight is an amazing tool, and well suited for customers who want to manage and visualise data from myriad sources, in one location, and in real time,” says Ben Llewellyn, global head of EFM, Ipsos Loyalty. “MySight gives us the power to execute analysis with an ease of use that makes this software a no-brainer. MySight can tell you things you didn’t know you needed to know.”

“Businesses today are driven by data, and feedback information is an increasingly vital source of insight,” says Paul Barnes, Managing Director of Questback UK. “However often connecting disparate feedback initiatives with other business data takes too long, and inadequate reporting makes it difficult to generate and act on insights in real-time. MySight changes this, giving a richer, more explorative dashboard experience that allows companies to put feedback insight at the heart of their business decision making. MySight’s flexible reporting and faster insights help Questback users improve customer experience, increase employee engagement and hone competitive advantage.”

MySight delivers multiple benefits to organisations:

  • Faster access to dynamic reports. The MySight dashboard provides an interactive, flexible view of data, tailored to individual needs. In-built permissions management functionality means that staff always have the right information they need to make informed decisions.
  • Real-time reporting. MySight gives companies real-time results and as-it happens visualization of their data so they can access and share the latest survey results or reports as soon as they’re available. New surveys and data sources can be added quickly as priorities change.
  • Secure, futureproof platform. Built on Questback’s cloud-based platform, MySight scales to handle all of an organisation’s data needs, no matter how large volumes may be.
  • Shareable reports to empower teams. Reports can be instantly shared with users across the organisation, and viewed on mobile or desktop devices. This means that everyone in the business is empowered to make data-based decisions.
  • Easy to use. The simple editorgives users the power to manage, edit and customize dashboards with minimal training. MySight makes it easy to explore data and blend it into different models, forms, and views, as well as carry out ad-hoc analysis.
  • Extensive API support. MySight features inbuilt interfaces to link to over 30 commonly used business systems, from Microsoft Excel to Salesforce, making it easy to integrate out of the box.


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