Questback sets sights on improving team performance with an integrated feedback solution in Microsoft Teams

New York City, New York – January 9, 2019 – Questback, a global leader in enterprise feedback management, announces the launch of its team performance app for Microsoft Teams. The app meets a growing demand for organizations to optimize team performance through stronger teamwork, communication and collaboration at a time when the workplace itself is rapidly evolving to become more remote, agile and transient.

As organizations embrace new workplace dynamics, they need to provide tools and platforms that make it simple and seamless for teams to share ideas, collaborate and innovate. Team success hinges on the ability to share, with ease and transparency, pertinent insights into how they work as a collective. 

 “We’re thrilled to announce our integration with Microsoft Teams. It symbolizes another exciting milestone in the Questback journey as we lead the charge on reinventing the enterprise feedback market. Forging new partnerships and ecosystems enables us to innovate and pivot to get the right solutions into the hands of our customers with speed and at scale,” says Audun Stuland, VP Cloud and Ecosystems.

Qubie from Questback places team insights readily into the hands of team members within Teams. As a virtual team coach, Qubie enhances team performance by equipping any team with weekly and targeted insights into what behaviors prevent them from performing optimally.

“In a rapidly changing working environment where teams and leadership are agile, collaboration is the MO of modern business. Qubie is a new alternative to traditional ways of gathering insights and feedback. Microsoft Teams customers have the opportunity to gain crucial insights into how effectively they’re performing as a team and how they can improve as they work and collaborate on our platform,” states Mike Ammerlaan, Director, Office 365 Ecosystem, Microsoft Corp.

Qubie engages with team members on a 1 to 1 basis, asking various questions, to quickly and accurately build a picture of the team’s effectiveness and overall ‘vibe’. Qubie is AI-powered and learns which areas to talk to the team about based on feedback from them. Qubie automatically reports back to the team, showing where they need to improve along with recommendations as to how to improve.

Qubie for Microsoft Teams is now available through the AppSource, visit here to download.